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Overview of Trade Schools

Do you want to go to college, but are not ready to commit to a four-year school? Do you already know what kind of job you want?

Trade Schools offer the benefits of a targeted education, which leads to increased opportunities for employment. A trade or technical school is essentially a shorter and less expensive, career-driven option to traditional education. This category of schools is attractive to students who desire careers in business and industry or trades for which most traditional learning institutions do not provide training.

In most cases, the set of courses at a technical school focuses on a particular program of study, rather than providing an educational overview. Trade and technical schools offer a variety of programs, including 1-2 year diploma programs, technical certificates, and 2-year associate degree programs. These kinds of programs are intended for immediate employment after graduation.

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Online Trade School Programs

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Mechanics keep aircraft in peak operating condition, performing scheduled maintenance and repairs. Earning an Associates Degree in Aircraft Maintenance can prepare you for an in demand career.

Appliance Repair

A Diploma in Appliance Repair can give you training to repair small and major appliances. Start your own business or work for an appliance repair company.

Auto Detailer

Start your own business as an Auto Detailer. With training in Automotive Detailing, you will the steps of professional auto detailing.

Autobody Repair

Qualified Auto Body Repair Technicians are always in demand in the automotive industry. Get the training you need to be an auto repair technician in very little time.

Automotive Technician

Automotive technician training should teach you how to diagnose problems across a variety of systems using a range of diagnostic tools as well the most important diagnostic tools of all: your senses

Construction & Carpentry

You can earn your certificate or associates degree in Construction and Carpentry. These jobs will have you working hands on in various construction related work.

Diesel Mechanic

With a certificate in Diesel Mechanics, you will be able to fix and maintain the diesel engines that power heavy equipment such as tractors, trucks, and buses.


People who earn an Electrician Degree or Certification can qualify for jobs as Electrician, Maintenance Electrician, Electrical Installer and Repairer.

Floral Design

In Floral Design courses, you will learn the basics of arranging flowers, the different types of flowers, cutting and taping techniques, and proper handling and care of flowers.

Furniture Design

Furniture designers produce designs for items of furniture and other related products. Those with training in Furniture Design may design or build pieces.


Gunsmiths are artisans that make custom guns for special uses. Student in Gunsmithing learn how to use a lathe, metal milling equipment, and optics calibration equipment.

Home Inspection

Home Inspection professionals are routinely used in transactions involving new construction and existing homes. You will need to be certified to work in this field.

Home Remodeling

A Diploma in Home Remodeling can provide students with specialized knowledge in interior and exterior construction, tools and building materials, and building codes.


HVAC Technicians are in demand year round, regardless of the economy. Becoming a certified HVAC Technician can give you a start on a lucrative career.

Jewelry Repair

If you want a career in Jewelry Repair and design, training is the first step. Coursework will include basic jewelry repair, use of tools and classifications of gems.

Landscape Design

Turn your love of plants into a satisfying business. Training in Landscape Design will teach you to select, grow and maintain flowers, plants and groundcover.


Start your own business and make great money as a Locksmith. Learn the basics of locks, keys, electronic security, automobile locks, and home security.

Motorcycle Repair

As a motorcycle mechanic, you will maintain and repair motorcycles, ATVs, and motorbikes. Only those with certification in Motorcycle Repair will earn top dollar.

PC Fundamentals

Do you seek employment as entry-level computer applications specialists? Earning your diploma in PC fundamentals will prepare you for immediate employment upon completion of your program.

PC Maintenance

Earn your associates degree in PC Maintenance and learn basics of computer technology. You will also learn to diagnose system problems and perform corrective actions.

PC Repair

People with industry current skills in PC repair are in high demand. Persons to repair and maintain systems needed to keep up with advancing technology.

PC Support

With training in PC Support, you will learn to install and configure PC hardware such as disks, memory and network adapters, and operating systems such as Windows and DOS.

Personal Computers

Learn basic computer operations with training with Personal Computers. Basic computer skills are necessary in almost any aspect of careers and personal life.

Pet Grooming

With a certificate in Pet Grooming, those with a love of animals will get hands on training in basic pet grooming, pet care, handling and kennel maintenance.


Plumbing Technology programs give you a solid basis for learning plumbing repairs and maintenance, as well as design, contracting, and installation in residential or industrial construction projects.

Real Estate Appraiser

Real Estate Appraisers estimate the value of real estate to determine sale price, amount of mortgage to be granted, or taxes. Qualified assessors must be licensed.

Residential Planning

Residential Planning programs help students to develop skills in textiles, historic and contemporary styles, space planning, kitchen and bath planning, drafting, and computer-aided design.

Small Engine Repair

Small Engine Repair specialists fix engine components and systems; work with engines, ignition systems and electrical circuits; inspect and repair small engine fuel systems.

Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications Technicians work with high-speed communication networks and digital communication through fiber optic lines. Qualified Technicians enjoy good salaries and can work almost anywhere.

TV Repair Training

As a TV repair technician, you will be responsible for diagnosing and being able to repair all brands of TV's. You will also need to know satellite dish installation.

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