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Real estate appraisers estimate the value of property, including land buildings, and natural resources.  Real estate appraisers prepare written descriptions of the property and make an estimate of its value based upon the neighborhood, land value, and building replacement costs.

Appraisers may work independently, for real estate companies, or for the government.  Because the real estate market is always fluctuating, so is the need for appraisers.  When the real estate market is hot, and there is a lot of buying and selling going on, the need for appraisers is great.  When the market is slow, however, appraisers are less in demand.
Training and degree programs for real estate appraisers differ according to where you plan to work.  To appraise for federally related transactions, you are required to become licensed by the state.  To obtain this licensure, you must prove adequate education and pass an exam.  Appraiser training is also required to obtain a residential license or general license.

Real estate appraiser programs are available at many community colleges and evening adult schools.  Many courses are also available online or through a distance learning program.  You can expect to complete courses in economics, real estate, mathematics, and business.

Often, the company that you work for will provide you with training upon hiring, but if you plan to work independently, you will have to complete the required courses on your own.  Government and private companies are increasingly requiring candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in addition to the required real estate appraiser training.

Online Degrees in Real Estate Appraiser


What Professional Career Development Institute began by offering just one professional real estate appraisal course in 1987 has grown so large that it is now divided into two divisions: John Madison High School for high school programs and Ashworth College for all its higher and continuing education course offerings. More than 50 career programs are featured at PCDI including everything from jewelry repair to carpentry to sports psychology to writing children's books. more

Real Estate Appraiser Degrees Offered:
  • Real Estate Appraisal

    Step by step, this course will teach you about zoning principles, how to recognize construction and lot problems, improvement analysis, finding comparables and doing a detailed inspection. One key lesson involves an actual on-site appraisal, with instructions showing how to create professional quality appraisal reports. The course also shows you how to prepare worksheets, chart measurements, and utilize photos. It also teaches how to use the nationally recognized Uniform Residential Appraisal Report, important for any appraiser.

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