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What Does Aircraft Maintenance Involve?

An aircraft mechanic must perform scheduled maintenance, make repairs, and complete the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required inspections. Most aircraft mechanics specialize in preventive maintenance, which means they search for potential problems in order to stop them from occurring. This can involve using x-rays or magnetic inspection equipment to search for invisible cracks, testing equipment, and working on engines, landing gear, and brakes along with other airplane parts. They must also maintain detailed records of their work.

What Training or Degree Do You Need to Work in Aircraft Maintenance?

The FAA certifies "airframe mechanics" and "powerplant mechanics." Airframe mechanics can work on any part of the plane except for the instruments, power plants, and propellers. By contrast, powerplant mechanics work on the engine and can do limited work on propellers. You can be a combination airframe-and-powerplant mechanic, called an A&P mechanic, and then work on all parts of the plane except the instruments.

To obtain one certificate, you need at least 18 months of work experience or complete an FAA-certified program. To get the combined A&P certificate you need 30 months of training and experience working with both the engine and airframe. You will also need to pass written, oral, and practical tests.

Trade schools offer a 2-year or 4-year degree in avionics, aviation technology, or aviation maintenance management. Training includes learning how to use the necessary equipment, turbine engines, composite materials, and aviation electronics.

Career Outlook and Salary Ranges

Job opportunities should increase as fast as the national average for all occupation, and the average aircraft maintenance technician earns around $21.30 per hour.

Online Degrees in Aircraft Maintenance


WyoTech provides training in automotive technology, auto technology, auto body, diesel, aviation, HVAC, chassis fabrication and high performance engines, street rod and custom fabrication, and trim and upholstery. Students can choose to receive their education on one of WyoTech’s nine campuses. more

Aircraft Maintenance Degrees Offered:
  • Aeronautical Maintenance Technology

    The Aeronautical Maintenance Technology program courses is approved by the FAA and broken up into 15 phases of 140 hours each. The phases are General I, II, and III; Airframe I, II, III, IV, and V; Electrical I and II, Powerplant I, II, III, IV and V. Graduates are qualified for careers including domestic or foreign airline technician, regional and commuter airline technician, helicopter operations, and airplane/helicopter manufacturing.

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Penn Foster Schools

Penn Foster Schools, the largest accredited school of independent home study, offers more than 80 distance education career diploma programs. Students enrolled in these programs have the option of studying online, in print, or through a combination of the two. In addition, Penn Foster Schools offers high school diplomas and 22 different associate degrees. more

Aircraft Maintenance Degrees Offered:
  • Aircraft Mechanics

    This program is designed to help you begin your career as an aircraft mechanic. Aircraft Mechanics generally work only on preventive aircraft maintenance. You will learn how to inspect all parts of an airplane. You will be considered a specialized technician in inspection. Students will be trained in how to check for cracks that cannot be seen by human eyes in airplanes.

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