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What Is An Auto Detailer?

An auto detailer maintains the exposed surfaces of an automobile. They're responsible for the finishing touches that keep a vehicle looking fantastic, and anyone looking to sell a car knows their value.

What Training or Degree Does an Auto Detailer Need?

While no official degree is needed, formal training appeals to prospective employers and can help give you an edge over the competition for the top jobs. Your program should offer a variety of courses, including:
•    Types of surface materials (vinyl, leather, wood, different metals)
•    Interior and exterior cleaning
•    How to use detailing equipment and substances (including cleaners and polishers)
•    Engine and trim detailing
•    Stain removal
•    Carpet dying
•    Specific work required to prepare cars for showing

Some programs may also teach you how to maintain antique automobiles and what those cars need.

Career Outlook and Salary Ranges

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities will be best for those who complete formal training programs. It does vary somewhat depending on the economy, but job growth should remain stable. You can find work in both new and used dealerships, company fleets, rental car agencies, service departments, private garages, and paint and body repair shops.

Wages can vary widely, depending on your level of experience, where you work, and whether or not you receive commission on individual assignments. Some auto detailers also choose to start their own business.

Those who work on high-end vehicles will tend to earn the most.

Online Degrees in Auto Detailer

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Auto Detailer Degrees Offered:
  • Auto Detailer

    There are certain skills you need to become an Auto Detailer. This program helps you learn them quickly and conveniently. You'll get hands-on training in working on materials like vinyl, plastic, leather, and chrome; interior and exterior cleaning; using auto detailing equipment and materials properly and safely; and preparing vehicles for sale and show.

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