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Autobody Repair 

Autobody repair programs will teach you to remove the dents, dings and scratches that come from everyday wear and tear on cars as well as damage inflicted in major accidents. Autobody repairers fix frames, replace bumpers, fix scratches and paint damage. They also inspect and repair frames to fix alignment problems on damaged cars, using hydraulic machinerity to bend it back into shape.

Training in Autobody Repair

Many vocational and technical schools offer degree programs and training programs in autobody repair. Community colleges and automotive schools also offer vocational training to be an autobody repairer. You will learn the materials cars are made of: steel, aluminum, and plastics and metal alloys. You'll figure out how to repair them, as well as the tools you'll need to do a good job. This is an industry that places importance on on-the-job experience, so look for a job working in a repair shop while you complete your training program. The ASE certification is attainable with two years of work experience and passing an exam.

Careers in Autobody Repair

Automotive repairers and auto glass installers are usually paid by the hour, between 10 and 30 dollars. They also receive some incentive pay. Rates vary according to education, experience, specialty and make of car, so with a few wise choices you could advance your career in autobody repair. Some auto repairers specialize in trucks, buses or tractors, catering to a niche market and thus putting themselves in higher demand.

Online Degrees in Autobody Repair

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Autobody Repair Degrees Offered:
  • Auto Repair Technician

    Learning the skills you need to begin a career as an Auto Repair Technician through this program is convenient, affordable, and accredited. You'll get hands-on training in electrical systems and computerized engine controls; fuel systems, exhaust systems and braking systems; front and rear axles, differentials, and front end alignments; transmission components; and automotive engine disassembly, repair and rebuilding.

  • Auto Body Repair Technician

    Through this program, you'll get hands-on training in body shop basics and tools; air supply, materials, welding, and metalworking; repairs and surface preparation; and refinishing equipment and body painting. After graduation, you’ll have the knowledge and experience to work for an established auto body repair shop or to even open an auto body repair shop of your own.

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