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What Is an RN to MSN program?

This program is for registered nurses with an associate's degree who want to earn their master of science in nursing degree (MSN) immediately after earning their bachelor of science in nursing degree (BSN). Therefore this program is an accelerated course, allowing you to earn advanced placement credit for your BSN and tailor your classes to suit the master's degree you wish to pursue. It consists of a 1-year accelerated BSN program followed by 2 years of graduate study.

Why Should I Enroll in An RN to MSN Program?

Some nursing jobs require specialized training and an MSN, such as the four advanced practice nursing specialties: clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners.

Some of these programs require you to be a practicing RN for a couple of years before you can enroll, and all of them require you to possess an RN license. You may also need certain minimum GRE scores, depending on the school to which you are applying.

But once you complete your training program, you can receive a national certification in your specialty, opening up new job prospects and the potential for higher salaries.

In some master's degree programs, you can also undertake training in multiple disciplines such as combing the MSN with business administration, public health, or hospital administration.

With the current nursing shortage, and the high demand in most health care fields, a master's of science in nursing degree can offer up a huge range of opportunities for you. No matter which area you choose to specialize in, you should be able to find plenty of jobs.

Online Degrees in RN to MSN

Walden University

Walden University offers students a comprehensive Bachelor's or Master's degree program in an exclusive online environment. The online tools and resources available allow students to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of independent learning, structured class curriculums, and easy access to instructors. more

RN to MSN Degrees Offered:
  • Master's in Nursing (RN-MSN)

    In this program, you can gain the knowledge, skills, and influence to affect more lives and make an even bigger difference for your patients, your organization, and the future of health care. You will collaborate with nurses from around the country in a flexible, interactive, online environment, learn from expert faculty and contributing scholars via DVDs, and rely on personalized technical and academic support.

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As our population ages, we will need to have a strong system of qualified healthcare personnel to help manage all aspects of health care management - especially nurses. For more information on online nursing degrees, review our program listing and decide which path is right for you.

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