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What Is an RN to BSN Program?

Most registered nurses (RNs) enter the profession with solely an associate degree in nursing (ADN). However, once working as a registered nurse, they may wish to advance in their career or train for a broader range of job duties, and often this requires a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). Therefore an RN to BSN training program allows RNs with their associate degree to take an accelerated program and earn their BSN.

Why Should I Enroll in an RN to BSN program?

Often, once working as an RN, especially with the nurse shortage that exists today, you can take advantage of tuition reimbursement schemes to earn a higher degree. And some career paths are only open to those with their BSN, such as administrative positions. Also, if you'd like to participate in graduate level training, a requirement for the four advanced nursing practices, you must first have your BSN.

BSN training typically involves:

•    Communication
•    Leadership
•    Critical thinking
•    Clinical experience hospitals and other health care facilities
•    Additional courses in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, behavioral sciences, and nursing
•    Liberal arts courses

Because  these courses are designed for working RNs, they often have flexible schedules such as evening and weekend classes, and many schools offer multiple start-dates throughout the year. You can also opt to take an online RN-to-BSN program and study from your own home.

As with most careers, the more training you have the higher the salary you can expect. And due to the nursing shortage, the demand for skilled nurses with a BSN will remain high.

Online Degrees in RN to BSN

Kaplan University

There are countless specialties of study available at Kaplan University. The major departments include: more

RN to BSN Degrees Offered:
  • RN to BS in Nursing Completion Degree

    This program is for registered nurses who want to complete their bachelor's degree to prepare for health care leadership positions and gain the educational foundation needed for the pursuit of graduate studies in nursing. This degree program centers around health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention, information and health care technologies, ethics, human diversity, management theory, and health care system and policies. A defining feature of the curriculum is its increased focus on leadership.

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University of Phoenix

With more than 8,000 faculty and staff, University of Phoenix is the largest accredited private university. In its online incarnation, University of Phoenix has distilled its programs into accelerated course programs to help you get the most degree in the least amount of time without breaking your wallet. more

RN to BSN Degrees Offered:
  • RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    This certificate is designed for health care and nursing professionals interested in pursuing careers in educational or service settings. Current educators can update or expand their knowledge in curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, and revitalize their teaching and learning strategies.

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National American University

Though National American University has campuses across the Midwestern states, its online university offers the most versatility and flexibility for working professionals. Online courses allow 24-hour access to educational resources and course materials. Keep your job and continue to run your household and raise a family as you earn your degree to advance your career. more

RN to BSN Degrees Offered:
  • RN-to-BSN

    The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is for currently licensed nurses who hold an Associate's degree in nursing or a hospital diploma. The curriculum explores contemporary ethical issues, caring for vulnerable populations and issues in cultural diversity. Graduates are successful in leadership roles such as teaching, office management, and project management in hospitals, clinics or wellness programs.

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Grand Canyon University

Whether you would like to supplement your on-campus curriculum with a few online courses or are interested in pursuing your entire degree online, Grand Canyon University Online has a variety of classes to choose from. more

RN to BSN Degrees Offered:
  • RN to BS in Nursing

    The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science degree program in Nursing is designed for certified registered nurses with an Associate's degree or diploma in nursing. The online format meets the needs of the erratic schedule of a working RN. Courses cover clinical patient care, healthcare management, and professional nursing practice and leadership. Graduates of the program are prepared to become leaders in the nursing profession.

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Keiser University

Keiser University offers students a variety of Associate and Bachelor's degree programs with the convenience and flexibility of online access. Working parents and professionals can maintain their current relationships while advancing their education. more

RN to BSN Degrees Offered:
  • Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing prepares nurses for a broader scope of practice and for entry into a Master’s or Doctoral nursing program. The curriculum provides an expanded understanding of the cultural, political, economic and social issues that affect patients and influence healthcare delivery by emphasizing the allocation and management of physical, fiscal and human resources.

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