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Overview of Nursing Degrees

As our population ages, we will need to have a strong system of qualified healthcare personnel to help manage all aspects of health care management - especially nurses. The nursing industry will see a great amount of growth in the next ten to fifteen years when the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age and transitions in to nursing care facilities. The baby boomer generation is considered to be one of America's largest generations ever. There is a nationwide shortage of nurses, and this shortage is predicted to reach 500,000 by 2020.

Online Nursing Degree Programs

Forensic Nurse

A Degree in Forensic Nursing combines medical care and law enforcement. Training teaches individuals to investigate crimes and offer treatment and legal advocacy to victims.

Legal Nurse

Combine you nursing expertise with legal knowledge. A career as a Legal Nurse consultant can train you to assist attorneys and their clients with an understanding of healthcare.


Vocational Nurses care for the sick, and injured under the direction of physicians and registered nurses. As a Vocational Nurse, you will give injections, apply dressing, etc.

Nursing Science

Nurse scholars who wish to pursue careers as leaders in health policy, healthcare delivery, and nursing education should look in to pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) degree.

Registered Nurse

RN's perform basic duties involved in treating patients. RNs also record patients' medical histories and symptoms, and help to perform diagnostic tests and analyze results.


Registered Nurses can further their education to get their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This can help registered nurses grow their business and management skills.


With a Master of Science in Nursing, RN to MSN Degree, you will be trained for work as a nurse practitioner or in other nursing specialties.

Recommended Nursing Schools

Kaplan University

Advance your career with an online degree from Kaplan University.
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Vanderbilt University

Earn an MS in Nursing online from Vanderbilt University.
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Most Popular Nursing Schools

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  1. Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate
    30-08-2008 - Kaplan University
  2. MS in Nursing
    30-08-2008 - Vanderbilt University
  3. RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    30-08-2008 - University of Phoenix
  4. Master's in Nursing (RN-MSN)
    30-08-2008 - Walden University
  5. RN-to-BSN
    30-08-2008 - National American University
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