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Gerontology Degrees and Specialties

If you are interested in issues that affect the elderly, you should consider a degree in gerontology. Gerontology offers several career paths, such as gerontologist or gerontology nurse, which can be matched to your skills and needs.


Gerontologists are social scientists who focus their work on aging. They might teach at universities, help form government policies, or conduct research. Topics they study include the effects of an aging population on society and the mental, physical, and social effects of aging. Most gerontologists have at least their master's degrees. If you are interested in teaching at the university level, you should plan on getting your doctorate. The best job opportunities for gerontologists are with the federal government and at colleges and universities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that sociologists such as gerontologists make $57,870 per year on average.

Gerontology Nurses

Registered nurses and nurse practitioners can also choose to specialize in gerontology. To get started in nursing, students must graduate from a nurse training program and pass a national licensing exam. Nurse training programs offer students the opportunity to choose a specialty. Nurses who specialize in gerontology take extra courses in the physiological and psychosocial effects of aging and public policy that affects the elderly. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs available for nurses in all specialties is expected to grow much faster than average. Registered nurses make an average of $52,330 per year.

Because the U.S. population is aging, there will be more and more demand for people who know about issues affecting the elderly. A gerontology training program can familiarize you with these issues.

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Online Degrees in Gerontology


ChathamOnline is the web-based campus of Chatham College. Founded in 1869, Chatham College is dedicated to enabling its graduates to make an impact on the world around them. Graduates of Chatham College leave with a social consciousness, an awareness and understanding of the environment, an interest in public service, the ability to communicate effectively, and a strong grounding in liberal arts and science education. more

Gerontology Degrees Offered:
  • Gerontology (MAG)

    The Master of Arts degree in Gerontology is a 36-credit, post-professional degree designed to assist health care professionals in the exploration of the evolving health care industry as it relates to the care and well-being of older patients. Students examine the geriatric health care industry and health care issues as they relate to clinical practice. Graduates are successful in clinical medicine, academics, research, administration, or public service.

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Gerontology Degrees Offered:
  • Certificate in Gerontology

    Management of Aging Services The Gerontology Graduate Certificate with a focus in Management of Aging Services is targeted to individuals in the aging network who are looking to upgrade their skills or advance in new directions within the field or for those looking to enter the field. The certificate may be earned by taking 5 courses (15 credit hours).

  • Master's in Gerontology - Management of Aging Services

    The Management in Aging Services Track offers students an advanced degree in the growing field of aging services. This includes long-term care, service-supported housing, community-based services, marketing to an aging population, and health services for those requiring chronic care. The program will afford professionals in the aging network the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and develop skills in policy development and analysis, program management, administration, and finance with a focus on the aging population. The program is 80 online, consisting of 10 courses (8 required and 2 electives).

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