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If you have always had an interest in medicine and the elderly, a career in geriatrics might be a great match. There has never been a time when geriatricians have been needed more. The New York Times reports that the U.S. is currently experiencing an extreme shortage of geriatricians. Currently, there is only one per every 5,000 adults over age 65. As people live longer and America's population ages, the demand for people with geriatrics degree training should continue to increase.

Geriatrics Physicians and Nurses

Most people who receive training in geriatrics are physicians or nurses who pick it as a specialty. Physicians choose geriatrics as a specialty within their field, such as psychiatry, internal medicine, or neurology. They learn about what diseases and conditions are most common among the elderly, and about special care for the elderly. The American Geriatrics Society recently started the Geriatrics for Specialists project. They are working to increase the amount of geriatrics training received by physicians and surgeons in residency programs.

Nurses can choose from a wide variety of degree specialties, focusing on particular diseases, organs and body systems, or sections of society. Geriatrics nurses have chosen to specialize in the care and treatment of the elderly. In their degree programs, geriatrics nurses take courses in their specialty, such as end of life care, and the legal and ethical issues of aging.

Geriatrics Salaries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses earn around $52,330 per year. The New York Times states that physicians with geriatrics specialties make $150,000 per year on average. While this figure is low when compared to surgeons' salaries, the Times mentions that geriatrics doctors have very high job satisfaction compared to other specialties.

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Online Degrees in Geriatrics

Kaplan University

There are countless specialties of study available at Kaplan University. The major departments include: more

Geriatrics Degrees Offered:
  • Geriatric Care Management Certificate

    Work with elderly clients and their families in your own Geriatric Care Management practice. Learn to identify and assess senior health and social services needs. Recommend, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate care and services to assure that quality, cost-effective care results in an optimal lifestyle for your senior clients.

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A.T. Still University of Health Sciences

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences includes four universities that offer graduate-level degrees based on the principles of osteopathic medicine. While A.T. Still University's campus-based programs offer students a traditional learning environment, the flexibility of their online campus programs are most enticing to those already employed in the health care field. more

Geriatrics Degrees Offered:
  • Geriatric Health

    The Master of Geriatric Health (MGH) is an online degree designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the needs of older individuals in long-term care and geriatric settings. Students may complete the 11 course degree at their own pace - as few as 18 months up to 42 months.

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