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Online Masters Degrees in Public Administration

Find online masters degrees, courses, and programs in public administration. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

* = Staff Recommended

Master of Mgmt/Public Administration

This program includes coursework in computers and information processing, management, financial analysis, accounting, business law, employment law, and marketing. It focuses on the efficient and effective utilization of public resources to achieve the public purpose within a dynamic environment. The program will emphasize the foundations of public administration, public policy formulation, program development, implementation and valuation, human resources and labor relations, and public finance.

Offered by: University of Phoenix *
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MBA/Public Administration

This program is designed to enhance the management skills students need to function effectively within an organization. Emphasis is placed on the quantitative analysis of business information to improve business decision making. To prepare students for this decision-making role, this degree was designed to introduce the theory or principles that frame a wide range of problems or issues in each of the courses.

Offered by: University of Phoenix *
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Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

Designed for professionals in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, this program will help you excel in today’s increasingly complex, politicized, intersector environment, apply academic theories and new skills to activities in your own community, develop well-grounded public policies and management practices, and gain a greater perspective on societal issues. Students in this program can choose to study under the general track or can choose one of nine specializations.

Offered by: Walden University *
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Master of Public Admin

The Master of Public Administration degree gives administrative professionals a chance to expand their skills and career options. Courses cover topics including quantitative methods, managing public and nonprofit organizations, leadership and conflict resolution, constitutional and administrative law, public personnel management, public budgeting and finance, public sector politics, ethics, policy analysis and program evaluation. Graduates are successful in upper level positions in public administration.

Offered by: Strayer University Online *
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Public Administration - Executive Masters

The Executive Master's degree in Public Administration provides students with insight into the processes and practices associated with managing public and nonprofit sector organizations at the international, federal, state, municipal, and local levels. Whether on campus or online, courses cover how to effectively work within, and/or manage public administration organizations. Graduates are qualified for upper-level positions in public administration.

Offered by: Golden Gate University Online
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Masters in Public Administration

The Master's degree in Public Administration provides a comprehensive multi-disciplinary curriculum to produce graduates with the skills required to be effective public managers. Designed for current and future public service professionals, courses cover policies, projects, and programs relevant to societal issues including organizational management concepts and practices, decision-making processes, conflict management, ethical and legal issues, information management and security, human resources, and budgeting and financial processes.

Offered by: Norwich University
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