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Online Masters Degrees in Information Technology

Find online masters degrees, courses, and programs in information technology. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

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MBA/Information Technology

This degree specialization is especially relevant to strategic planners and administrators who are responsible for planning and managing information technology and knowledge workers. In addition to studying the impact of globalization, this specialization hones in on the essentials of strategic planning and gives you the most effective techniques for anticipating and implementing technological advances that are critical to future business success.

Offered by: Kaplan University *
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MS in Management Information Systems

The Master of Science degree with a concentration in Management Information Systems provides computer professionals with an opportunity to expand their skills and advance their careers. Courses are available in managerial accounting, information systems for decision-making, business policy, strategic planning, systems analysis and design, database systems, and financial management. Graduates are successful in upper-level positions in management information systems and in pursuit of a Doctoral degree.

Offered by: Strayer University Online *
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MS in Information Systems

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) provides computer professionals with the opportunity to expand their skills sets and career options. Concentrations are available in Computer Security Management, Decision Support Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Network Management, Software Engineering Management, and Systems Development Management. Graduates are successful in upper level positions in a number of computer information systems disciplines.

Offered by: Strayer University Online *
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Master's Degree in Information Technology

This program is one of the few of its kind in North America that provides its students with the most current information technology developments in order to ensure that their graduates become competitive candidates in the job market. The required course list is frequently adapted in order to reflect market demand. However, even though specific programs are adapted from time to time, this program does consistently provide students with strong backgrounds in programming, networking, and information security.

Offered by: AIU Online *
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Master of Science (MS)

The Master of Science degree is an online program with a number of specializations to choose from based in any of the four schools including business and technology, education, human services and psychology. No matter which specialty is chosen, students will enjoy a curriculum balancing both academics and hands-on experience and created according to nationally recognized standards. Graduates are successful in doctoral level programs, teaching or leadership positions in their field.

Offered by: Capella University *
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Information Technology - MBA Concentration

The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology boast a curriculum that balances training in technology and business with a focus on management aspects. Core course concentrate on the innovation, management and response to technology in a business setting. Graduates are successful in upper management in technology consulting firms, departments and organizations as well as prepared for higher education.

Offered by: Golden Gate University Online
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Information Technology - Masters

This Master's degree in Information Technology program was developed in collaboration with industry executives from San Francisco and Silicon Valley in California. The result was a well-balanced curriculum with equal focus on fundamental management concepts and technology training. Courses cover the innovation, management and response to technology in an enterprise setting. Graduates leave fully prepared to handle the demands of IT management.

Offered by: Golden Gate University Online
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Enterprise Systems Management - Masters

The Master's degree in Enterprise Systems Management focuses on business practice and information technology as well as leadership-oriented management skills in the successful use of information technology systems and applications. Courses cover topics including management and implementation of enterprise applications, program and project management, systems analysis and design, software and application development, data administration, development and management and more.

Offered by: Golden Gate University Online
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Systems and Network Management - Masters

The Masters degree in Systems and Network Management focuses on the integration of business and information technology. The curriculum provides the tools to manage information technology infrastructure, networks, data operations, security, disaster recovery and customer support. Graduates will be able to analyze customer information needs and then design, implement and administer state-of-the-art network architectures and infrastructures that meet those needs.

Offered by: Golden Gate University Online
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Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc in IT)

The Master of Science in Information Technology degree focuses on the development of theoretical knowledge and analytical skills in a hands-on online format. Courses cover topics including Internet programming, artificial intelligence, project management, e-commerce, software development and testing, and systems analysis and design. Specializations in Software Engineering, Internet Computing, and Information Security are available. Graduates are successful in mid- to upper-level positions in computer science and information technology.

Offered by: University of Liverpool
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Teaching and Learning with Technology

The Master of Arts degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology (MATLT) is designed for licensed K-12 teachers currently in the classroom, and working corporate trainers and consultants. Its goal: to help teachers in any setting stay inspired, energized and on the cutting edge of education theory and technique. The MATLT degree consists of 30 semester credits, all of which are offered online.

Offered by: Ashford University
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MS - Information Systems

The Master of Science degree in Information Systems is designed for professionals responsible for the development, acquisition, implementation, and operation of information systems in a variety of organizational settings. The program emphasizes information systems theory and its application to business opportunities and challenges. Additionally, the program addresses mission critical issues, such as, strategic planning, risk management, financial consideration, project management and quality assurance.

Offered by: Baker College Online
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Managing Innovation & Information Technology

The Masters degree in Managing Innovation and Information Technology provides students with the technological skills necessary to develop solutions to the issues that face contemporary businesses. The curriculum is a balance of courses that focus on information technology systems and those that spotlight strategic management and innovation. Graduates will have the skills to successfully enhance their corporation's organizational effectiveness and profitability.

Offered by: Champlain College
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Master of Science Information Technology

In this program, the student is introduced to how information flows through an enterprise while presenting effective uses of technology and its applications. Since information shapes an organization, the student learns the effects of managing this information, both theoretically and in a practical sense. Thus, this program is designed to prepare the student to be a contributor in defining the strategies for successful implementation of Information Technology and Information Management within an organization.

Offered by: Grantham University
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MBA - Technology Management

A Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Technology Management provides an in-depth study of management skills specific to the technology industry. The curriculum covers topics including strategic planning, quantitative analysis, information systems networking, database information, human resources and more. Graduates are successful in upper-level management positions in technology firms or technology departments of any corporation.

Offered by: Norwich University
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