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Online Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice

Find online masters degrees, courses, and programs in criminal justice. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

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MSCJ/Global Issues in Criminal Justice

This program offers a global overview of all of the important aspects and issues that persons employed in the field of criminal justice must face. Students will study corrections, management, law enforcement, crime scene investigation, crime analysis, fraud examination, and forensic psychology. This degree program will prepare you to advance in your current job.

Offered by: Kaplan University *
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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

This program offers two courses of study: a non-thesis track that lends itself to practical law enforcement applications, and a research-based thesis track that focuses on theory and prepares you for criminal justice instruction. There are four areas of specialization in this program: Law, Global Issues in Criminal Justice, Leadership and Executive Management, Corrections, and Policing.

Offered by: Kaplan University *
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MS in Admin of Justice and Security

This program provides the required knowledge for the student to develop competence in administering criminal justice or security programs. The value of cooperative interaction is addressed. The degree provides the student with administrative program development and problem solving skills in preparation for promotional or transitional opportunities in the management of police, corrections, security, or court operations.

Offered by: University of Phoenix *
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Master of Criminal Justice

The Master's degree in Criminal Justice is designed specifically for the working professional. Without losing all they've worked for, criminal justice professionals can maintain their job status as they develop the skills to earn promotions, salary raises, increased benefits or new positions in other areas of criminal justice. The curriculum covers advanced studies in criminology that even allow graduates to teach at a university level.

Offered by: Boston University
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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

A Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice takes students to the next level of education in the field. The basics of the criminal justice system are established allowing for exploration of the nuances, controversies and detailed decisions undertaken by top officials and corporate officers in the industry. Graduates may take on upper level positions in the criminal justice and public service fields.

Offered by: FMU Online
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Criminal Justice

This program begins with courses in psychology, government and communications. These are all important, career enhancement areas that overlap the criminal justice field. The curriculum includes instruction in criminal law and procedure, policing, investigation, corrections, juvenile justice, domestic violence, and more. Each course is highly focused and thorough, designed to teach you the social, legal and ethical issues relevant to the criminal justice profession today.

Offered by: PCDI
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MS - Criminal Justice

This program is right for you if you are currently employed in the criminal justice field, if you are interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice, or if you have a strong desire to make your community a better place in which to live. The program will help you succeed in a variety of criminal justice positions, including courtroom administrator, police officer, private security officer, probation or parole officer, juvenile delinquency case manager, corrections officer, or police detective.

Offered by: Virginia College Online
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Masters in Criminal Justice

The Masters degree in Criminal Justice equips industry professionals to take on leadership, management, and executive roles in criminal justice agencies and/or prepares them for further study in a doctoral program. This 33 semester-hour program available full-or part-time, can be completed in one year or two depending up the schedule choices of the student. Areas of specialization include victimology, police organizations, corrections, juvenile justice, criminal law, crime prevention, and more.

Offered by: Bowling Green State University
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MBA - Criminal Justice

The Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice provides students with an exploration into the business and administrative aspects of the criminal justice and law enforcement industries. Courses cover topics including law, corrections, theory, history, communications, current issues in state and federal criminal justice departments. Graduates are qualified for upper-level positions in criminal justice and law enforcement administration.

Offered by: Northeastern University
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Master of Justice Administration

The Master's degree in Justice Administration provides an online course of study that explores the positions of management in public administration. The curriculum is designed for current professionals in the fields of criminal justice and law enforcement and covers the nuances of leadership and management skills relevant to the industry. Graduates are qualified for executive positions in criminal justice service, law enforcement, and correctional service organizations.

Offered by: Norwich University
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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Students in this program will develop a sophisticated knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system and the public sector and of the administration of individual criminal justice agencies, develop the credentials to seek administrative and managerial positions in the criminal justice industry or related fields, and develop the skills to apply advanced research methodology to collect, analyze, synthesize, and report information and empirical data.

Offered by: South University
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Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

Develop the professional skills necessary to assume leadership positions in the administration of criminal justice agencies with the Online Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from UMass Lowell. Named one of the best in the country, The University of Massachusetts Lowell Master's Degree in Criminal Justice was established in 1984 and has had a long history of producing dedicated, well rounded students who are in top demand by federal, state and local agencies. The online criminal justice degree features integrated, academically rigorous, and empirically - oriented criminal justice courses. The online criminal justice master's degree program serves students who: seek a master's degree as a prerequisite for entry into the criminal justice field; are currently in service in the criminal justice system and wish to broaden their skills by obtaining job related knowledge and expertise; are in the criminal justice system seeking to specialize and/or work in some other area of the system; are in the system or pre-service and wish to obtain the training and expertise necessary for teaching criminal justice courses. In addition, the program will meet the needs of students preparing for doctoral work in criminal justice or related fields.

Offered by: UMassOnline
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