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What will I learn in a social science degree or training program?

The social sciences are an attempt to use the techniques of the pure sciences to explain and understand human behavior. There's a little bit of everything in such a degree or training course therefore. Certainly, you'll learn some statistics because so much of social science is based upon watching what people do, collecting the data and then checking it. There's also some psychology, some economics, sociology itself, perhaps some anthropology as well. A social science degree or training program might in fact be one you'll find fascinating: what could be more interesting than trying to find out the truth about human beings, what is it that we actually do and why?

What will a social science degree or training program qualify me to do?

A social science degree or training program is a good foundation for a number of different careers. Knowing what makes people work is obviously useful in almost every job. But you will also be able to do further training programs or perhaps degrees to become a social scientists yourself. This involves observing people and collecting the information then using those techniques you've learned to make sense of it all: why do people do what they do? There are a number of different specialties here, like anthropologist (average earnings $44,000), geographer ($59,000), historian ($44,500) and sociologist ($59,000). Which one you become depends upon which part of the basic training you like the most.

Online Degrees in Sociology

Ashford University

For almost 100 years, Ashford University has been providing the residents of Clinton, Iowa with the training they need to earn their bachelors or masters degrees in a variety of specialties. Over time, Ashford has grown and now has the capability to offer students around the world access to three Bachelors programs and two Masters programs online. more

Sociology Degrees Offered:
  • Organizational Management - Sociology

    Graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in sociology have a unique combination of skills in both organizational management and the intercommunications of individuals in different societies. The curriculum combines courses in current social issues with classes in organizational management including communications, human resources, and group dynamics. Graduates are qualified to work in a number of positions at universities, social services, nonprofits and human resources.

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Ellis College

Between their School of Arts and Sciences and School of Business and Technology, Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology is focused on helping business professionals increase their skills, earn degrees and acquire specialties that will enable them to excel in the industry of their choosing. more

Sociology Degrees Offered:
  • BS - Behavioral Science (Sociology)

    This program is designed to prepare you for a wide variety of careers in clinical, social, educational, and industrial environments. In this specialization, you'll discover how to identify and analyze the social structures, patterns, and problems in American society with an eye toward how they affect today's cultural and organizational settings.

  • BS - Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Sciences

    In this concentration, students will study the principal disciplines -- history, philosophy, and political science -- that impart an appreciation for intellectual, historical, and political accomplishments of humankind. This concentration helps you assume civic and social responsibility and sets you on the path for careers in public service and policy formation. As part of completing the requirements of this concentration, students may choose courses from history, philosophy, or political science.

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