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Overview of Liberal Arts Degrees

The study of liberal arts is a classic discipline, intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills instead of focused professional or occupational skills. The scope of the liberal arts has changed with society. It once emphasized the education of elites in the classics; but, with the rise of science and humanities during the Age of Enlightenment, the scope and meaning of "liberal arts" expanded to include them. A degree in liberal arts can provide the basis for career advancement as it trains students to write effectively and think analytically while also allowing them to explore the nature of the various liberal arts fields of study.

Online Liberal Arts Degree Programs

Animal Training

Would you like to turn your love of animals in to an exciting career? Learn about becoming an Animal Trainer.

Applied Science

With a degree in applied sciences, you interest in technology development and engineering can pave the way for an exciting career.


Biology is the science of living things and covers a wide range of academic fields. Many biology majors go on to attend medical school.

Child Day Care

Helping children learn and grow can be a very rewarding job. Qualified child day care workers can find a rewarding career working with children.

Childrens Literature

Do you love to write and have great ideas for childrenís books? You can earn a degree as a writer and specialize in childrenís books and literature.


Careers in counseling require certifications and licensure in most states. A masterís degree is generally required for most jobs in counseling.

Creative Writing

Communicating to the world through written word is what writers do. Most professional writers have a degree in Communications, Journalism, or English.

Fire Protection

Firefighters help to protect the public against fires and other emergencies. Firefighters are not only trained in fighting fires, but also as emergency medical technicians.

Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition is one of the countryís highest profit industries. Nutritionists need at least a bachelorís degree in food and nutrition and dietetics.

Fitness Specialist

Fitness specialists motivate and instruct individuals in exercise activities. Certification by one of the top certification organizations is usually the only education requirement.

Forensic Psychology

The field of forensic psychology takes the principles and practice of psychology and applies them to matters relating to the law and criminal behavior.

Forestry Conservation

Forestry conservation graduates generally work in the great outdoors for government agencies of companies in the timber industry. An associateís degree is a basic requirement for this field.

Freelance Writer

With a great number of physical and online publications, freelance writers have many opportunities for work. This field however is becoming very competitive.

General Studies

With a broad overview of several subjects, a general studies associates degree can leave you open to many options for career choice in about two years.

High School Diploma

Earning your high school diploma can earn you $1.2 million over your lifetime. High School dropouts make $6,000 less in earnings per year than diploma holders.


A degree in history will cover topics from ancient history to modern civilization. Many with history degrees work in education and administration.


Studies in humanities will teach you to analyze the human condition and find out how humans think. This is often a concentration with a liberal arts degree.

Liberal Studies

Liberal studies is generally know as a classic discipline where a variety of general knowledge is studied. You can earn your bachelors degree in liberal studies.


When you earn a degree in literacy, you will generally teach remedial literacy to adults. There are associate, bachelor, and masters level literacy degrees.

Literature & Composition

Having good knowledge of writing and the proper structure in which it needs to be written will come in handy in almost any job you do.


Most people with degrees in mathematics do not work as mathematicians. In fact, many work in areas such as engineering, statistics, and computer programming.

Political Science

Do you want to learn how the political system really works? A degree in political science will help you understand whole our political system runs.


Psychologists study the human mind and various aspects of human behavior. These professionals are often employed in settings like mental care facilities, schools, and private settings.


Scientists use the theories and principles of science and math to solve problems. In this field you will generally work indoors in laboratories.

Social Work

Social workers help people to improve relationships and solve personal and family problems. In this field, you need a strong desire to help improve peopleís lives.


In sociology, you apply science to learn why people do the things that they do. This field helps different groups of people understand one another.


Are you interested in learning to read, write and speak Spanish? Earning a degree in Spanish will teach you about the Spanish culture and language.

Sports Psychology

What is it about athletes that make them sportsmen? A degree in this field explores the psychology behind how athletes use focus and concentration in becoming the best.

Statistics Course

Are you interested in numbers, averages and odds? Learning about statistics gives you the opportunity to work as an actuary or statistician.

Technical Writing

Technical Writing requires that you are highly detailed and are able to make clear, concise directions or instructions. Technical writing involves writing for manuals, and textbooks.

Travel Writing

Travel writers spend their time framing stories about places and locations in a manner that draws in readers. They often travel the world to cover stories.

Recommended Liberal Arts Schools

Capella University

Capella University offers online degree programs in five schools that fit your schedule.
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Clayton College of Natural Health

Make a difference in people's lives. Become a natural health practitioner. Start today.
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Most Popular Liberal Arts Schools

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Top FiveLiberal Arts
  1. Master of Science (MS)
    30-08-2008 - Capella University
  2. Certificate of Holistic Companion Animal Care Studies
    30-08-2008 - Clayton College of Natural Health
  3. M.S. in Psychology
    30-08-2008 - Walden University
  4. Bachelor's of Business Administration - Organizational Psychology and Development
    30-08-2008 - AIU Online
  5. B.S. in Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology
    30-08-2008 - Kaplan University
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