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The increase in the number of super-rich individuals and the events on 9/11 have driven the private security industry in recent years. More and more companies are investing in security forces to protect their interests. Many banks, for example, and large high-profile buildings like the Chrysler building in Manhattan may invest in private security services.  Multinational companies like Chevron hire private security companies to protect their interests in conflict-ridden areas where they operate, such as Nigeria.

Much of this work comes in the form of consulting. A company or individual will hire a private security firm to assess their vulnerabilities.  The security firm will then come up with a strategy to fortify those weaknesses, whether they be a faulty security system or failure to install a security camera and employ internal surveillance staff.

Types of Private Security Training

Private security training is available to help individuals interested in a security career get on the right path. During a private security degree program, you'll learn how to address national security issues like terrorism and natural disasters as well as other issues, such as criminal activity. You'll find there are different programs of study that cater to your interests within security, whether they be corporate or private security. Your degree program may also address how to conduct security vulnerability assessments and craft strategies for addressing security weaknesses.

Since 9/11, private security has become an increasingly important field. It's a serious job, one that requires training, diligence, and discipline, but which serves a profoundly important purpose--making people feel safe in their homes and their places of work.

Online Degrees in Private Security

Kaplan University

There are countless specialties of study available at Kaplan University. The major departments include: more

Private Security Degrees Offered:
  • A.A.S. in Criminal Justice/Private Security

    This program focuses on the private security aspects of the field of criminal justice. Students looking to complete a two-year degree as a base for a bachelor’s degree as well as people seeking entry-level employment in the criminal justice field should consider this program. It provides a solid foundation in the areas of law enforcement, courts, corrections, and security. It also provides a liberal arts knowledge base and the technical skills required in specialized employment areas.

  • B.S. in Criminal Justice/Private Security

    Learn techniques behind search, seizure, and discovery to help start or advance a career in security with companies, computer firms, retail stores, and schools. This emphasis area concentrates on collecting evidence and investigation. As a graduate you may qualify for employment in private security agencies, law firms, and corporate investigation departments.

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