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Private investigation training generally involves academic instruction in police science or criminal justice. Such programs may introduce you to the judicial system, constitutional law, and the overall criminal justice system. Programs vary in length and may include two-year associate's degrees, four-year bachelor's degrees, and short-term certificate programs.

What Private Investigators Do

Private investigators may work on criminal defense or prosecution cases. Individuals may hire them to investigate cheating spouses. Corporate clients may also hire investigators; Hewlett Packard made headlines last year for hiring detectives to investigate a leak on their corporate board. Many have their own investigation firms, either working alone or with a team of detectives and assistants.

Many private investigators have training in security, defense, and intelligence. Some have spent time in the armed forces, for example. Others working for national intelligence agencies like the FBI and the National Security Agency. It's also not uncommon to find investigators who were once legal assistants or police officers.

Investigative work can be both dangerous and exciting. For those reasons, or perhaps despite them, private investigation remains a competitive field. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of investigators to grow at a swift rate in the years ahead.

Median annual earnings of private investigators and detectives were $32,110 in 2004. The top 10 percent earned more than $58,000 a year.

Online Degrees in Private Investigation


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Private Investigation Degrees Offered:
  • Private Investigation

    Private investigators enjoy exciting and worthwhile careers. In this distance learning course, you’ll gain the knowledge and techniques used by real-world detectives, private investigators, security guards, and other investigative professionals. The only prerequisite is your high school diploma. This program has both a print-study option for people who do not have a computer or Internet access and an online option.

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Penn Foster Schools

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Private Investigation Degrees Offered:
  • Private Investigator

    As a Private Investigator, you’ll have an exciting and challenging career. Police sciences graduates conduct investigations involving missing persons, corporate intelligence, or other fascinating areas. In this program, you will learn about investigation and reporting techniques, sources of information and background investigations, surveillance equipment and techniques, and ethics and professional responsibility for private investigators.

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