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Although Internet technology has brought many conveniences to today's high paced global economy, it is also created numerous opportunities for unscrupulous individuals to bend the laws, defraud investors, and embezzle funds. Governments all over the world have enacted stricter legislation to stem the flow of criminal activity, but they still rely on those with financial crimes investigator training to provide oversight, catch criminals, and isolate inconsistencies. If you have a love of numbers, a passion for problem-solving, and terrific attention to detail, you might be a perfect candidate for a financial crimes investigator degree.

What Does a Financial Crimes Investigator Degree Entail Exactly?

In a typical financial crimes investigator program, you'll cover areas such as accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, claims adjusting, forensics, cyber security, information technology, business administration, business ethics, and various aspects of local, state, federal, and international regulations. Although there are many different paths to this particular career, securing a bachelors financial crimes investigator degree or higher is strongly recommended, especially in the wake of international terrorism and large-scale crime syndicates. You might also discover that technology and telecommunications are becoming increasingly important at most of the financial crimes investigator programs across the country due to their prolific use in online banking and financial transactions.

Career Outlook after Financial Crimes Investigator Training

According to the US Department of Labor, financial crimes investigators, auditors, and claims adjusters will enjoy fairly favorable job growth over the next 8 to 10 years. Median salary for this position hovers just below $50,000 a year, but as demand for those with financial crimes investigator training climbs up, it's safe to assume that their income levels will rise accordingly as well.

Online Degrees in Financial Crimes

Utica College

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Financial Crimes Degrees Offered:
  • Online Master of Science Degree in Economic Crime Management

    The Master of Science degree in Economic Crime Management is the only graduate level program of its kind. The curriculum provides an investigation of information systems technology and an understanding of what it takes to prevent economic crime in private organizations, government agencies, and professional associations. Graduates are successful in positions devoted to managing corporate and advanced technological resources with a focus on combating economic crime.

  • Online Financial Crimes Investigator Certificate

    The online Financial Crimes Investigator certificate is a six-course program that provides students with the skills necessary to successfully identify and fight financial crimes. Courses cover topics including forensics, investigation techniques, finance and accounting, economics and more. Students receive college credit for the program which can be transferred into the Bachelor's degree in Economic Crime Investigation. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in financial crime investigation.

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