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"Motivated working adult students"

"I love interaction with students of all ages, but working adult students understand how to manage all the demands on their time, and they're really motivated to do this work."

-Gerry Jenkins, Professor at Strayer University

"Convenience and flexibility"

"The class times were convenient, and I had the flexibility to communicate with my professors and classmates and complete my assignments from various locations via my laptop. Earning my MBA with Strayer was so satisfying and enjoyable that I'm now considering working toward a Ph.D."

-Diane Braxton, student of Strayer University Online

"Thank you Strayer University"

"Since enrolling in school I have been given the opportunity to act as the lead on numerous marketing projects and am encouraged all the time to continue with my education. Thank you Strayer University for helping those that are looking to better their futures and the futures of their children."

-Trisha Walouke, BSBA, Madison, OH

"Getting back to my dream of being a college graduate"

"The courses are challenging, yet I can work them around my schedule. The professors are readily available and the staff at my nearest campus has been nothing less than perfect in giving me the support and information I need, when I need it. Thank you Strayer for helping me finally get back to my dream of being a college graduate!"

- Jennifer Dove, BSBA, Sugar Hill, GA

"I even met my husband in a marketing class"

"My experience at Strayer University has been memorable. I have managed to receive superior grades, invaluable lessons, and even met my husband in a marketing class. We walked down the aisle in June for graduation and walked down the aisle again in August for our wedding. Thanks to Strayer University my life has turned around tremendously in just three years. Thanks Strayer!"

-Monifa Pitts LaGrone, MBA, Burlington, NJ

"Active duty Army officer currently deployed in Iraq"

"I am an active duty Army officer currently deployed in Iraq for a year. Here in Iraq it can get busy at times but I get enough downtime for studies. Strayer University Online's asynchronous course set-up has been such a blessing for me. Now, despite my duties and obligations as a mother as well as a leader of soldiers, I am able to do something that helps me. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Strayer University Online!"

-Maya Scarpitti, BSIB, Fort Bragg, NC

"Strayer offers the most comprehensive and technologically updated courses"

"I work out of my home and care for my children while my husband attends school so I am unable to attend a traditional brick and mortar school. I have attended other online schools prior to Strayer but out of all of them I feel Strayer offers the most comprehensive and technologically updated courses. I feel I have gotten my money's worth by attending Strayer University Online."

- Tammy DeFrieze-Svacina, BSBA, Eden Prairie, MN

"(My husband and I) are now just a few credits from graduating"

"I was a high school drop out and had a dead end job by the age of 25. One day we (my husband and I) got a Strayer brochure in the mail. We started our first quarter together at the end of 1999 and we have shared all of our classes since then and we are now just a few credits from graduating and getting our Bachelor's in Business Administration. I encourage many husbands and wives to consider being each others ‘college roommates'."

- Karen Zahory, BSBA, North Branford, CT

"Returning to college"

"I am returning to college after many years in the business world. Working third shift, married with two kids, I do not have the time to attend classes. With the asynchronous classes, I choose when to work on my papers, exams, and assignments. It allows me the flexibility to go back and pursue a degree that I need to stay competitive in the technology field."

- Gerald Miller, AACN, Louisville, KY

"39 years old and finishing my degree"

"I am 39 years old and excited about finishing my degree. Strayer University's online program is the best opportunity I have had available to complete my formal college education. The ease and convenience has been a blessing to my busy schedule. I am looking forward to continuing my classes with Strayer."

-Vincent Finocchiaro, BSBA, Deland, FL

"I'm a wife and a mother with three sons."
I'm a wife and a mother with three sons. I wasn't looking for an easy way out, just a way to fit college into my busy lifestyle. University of Phoenix was the answer. The quality of curriculum was cutting edge, and the instructors all had double degrees and current experience. I know the education has contributed to my promotions. I've encouraged everyone I know to sign up. When my family returned from graduation, my husband quickly enrolled at University of Phoenix.

-Annie Lee-Thomas Vice President, Chase Bank
Bachelor of Science in Business/Management

"As a result, I was promoted to director, and doubled my salary"
I was continually taking processes at my work environment and improving on them for class credit at school. As a result, I was promoted to director, and doubled my salary. University of Phoenix is setting the standard for the future education. With University of Phoenix, there's no excuse for not focusing on your future.

-Dennis Grant Director of Information Systems, Pro Health Alliance
Bachelor of Science in Business/Information Systems

"The University of Phoenix degrees have helped me progress beyond my wildest dreams"
When I first attended University of Phoenix for my bachelor's degree, it was the only 100% online program I could find. I travel 75% of the time, and I studied all over the world; from hotels in Taiwan, Australia, and England. The program was so pleasurable and rewarding I continued with it and earned my master's degree. The University of Phoenix degrees have helped me progress beyond my wildest dreams. Seven years ago, nobody including myself, would have believed I would be successfully managing a global sales force, but now I am.

-Gary Smith Vice President of Sales, Gale Group
Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting
MBA in Technology Management

"Just go to class online, and before you know it, you'll have your degree"
University of Phoenix made it possible to complete my degree while being at home with my family and working full time. The instructors really knew their subjects, and they were always very willing to help me succeed in any way they could. Professionally, the degree has enabled me to move into administrative positions, and advanced me on the salary scale. It also qualifies me to teach at a college or university. My advice to other nurses is don't procrastinate. Just go to class online, and before you know it, you'll have your degree.

-Jennifer Powers School Nurse, Variety School for Special Education
Master of Science in Nursing

"My motto will be: An investment in a UOP education pays the best dividends."
UOP provides the academic medium that makes higher learning a reality by embracing Internet Technologies which transcends beyond geographical frontiers. With UOP's skilled academic advisors, instructors and other staff, UOP stands for high academic excellence for all achievers. My motto will be: An investment in a UOP education pays the best dividends.

-Elliot Williams Systems Analyst, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, St. Kitts & Nevis
Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS)

"It caters to the military lifestyle."
I accomplished as much in a year and half at University of Phoenix as I did in 5 years at other schools. It caters to the military lifestyle. It's convenient, mobile and doesn't put any restrictions on you. Today the military and the Army specifically are putting more importance on civilian education. Even before I graduated, my education helped me advance in rank.

-Lori Cargill Aviation Operations Specialist, US Army
Bachelor of Science in Business/Management

I couldn't wait five years for my degree. And with University of Phoenix, I didn't have to.

-Earnestine Harrison, Master of Arts in Education

"People think you don't get group interaction with an online school, but it's actually better."
"Ellis' courses are very interactive and make the curriculum equal in quality to that of a brick-and-mortar school. I'd taken online courses before but they were not interactive. People think you don't get group interaction with an online school, but it's actually better. It's similar to what you would do in a business setting; conference calls, communicating with people via email. I think it's a better experience."

-Allison Baver, Olympic Speed Skater

"The chat rooms were huge, helping with live interaction and fostering a real sense of community."
"The Ellis interface is very user friendly. The chat rooms were huge, helping with live interaction and fostering a real sense of community. And I loved the convenience of having all the course material on PDF files that I could download for the train and the plane."

-Matthew Bergerman, Web Software Product Development Manager

A bachelor's degree is worth more than $1.9 million over a 40-year period.*

*Employment Policy Foundation

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