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Many computer professionals seeking long-term job stability and room for career advancement are choosing systems engineering specializations. Technical schools, colleges, and universities offer comprehensive training programs for systems beginners as well as for experienced engineers seeing post-graduate degrees or trade-specific certifications. The profession is expansive and roomy.

Systems engineers and analysts often receive training in both electrical engineering theory as well as computer science. Depending on the end-degree or engineering certification, training program curriculum can include foundation studies in digital logic, signal processing, networks, routing, programming, relational databases, computer circuit design and operating systems. Professionals may seek ongoing training to remain up to speed on evolving software and hardware, particularly in advancements in embedded systems.

The best news for systems engineering students is that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that employment for systems analysts will grow faster than the national average for all jobs over the next decade. Employers, the BLS adds, are especially on the lookout for graduates of bachelor's degree programs who have information science, computer science, or management information systems backgrounds and specializations.

Systems engineering professionals work in an ever-widening range of businesses and industries as computers and networks continue to assume a critical place in day-to-day operations. Many work as employees or independent consultants for computer parts and network manufacturers, software firms, financial institutions, health care industry, universities, laboratories, disaster recovery service organizations, and government agencies.

Systems engineers also move into leadership roles over time, as computer and information systems managers, project managers, or network (LAN/WAN) managers.

Online Degrees in Systems Engineering

Walden University

Walden University offers students a comprehensive Bachelor's or Master's degree program in an exclusive online environment. The online tools and resources available allow students to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of independent learning, structured class curriculums, and easy access to instructors. more

Systems Engineering Degrees Offered:
  • M.S. in Systems Engineering

    This program is designed to provide you with the necessary processes and tools to define and validate system requirements, develop effective designs, and ensure those designs are safe and meet customer requirements. It offers a multidisciplinary graduate program developed specifically for engineers, the opportunity to collaborate and exchange best practices with fellow engineers, and exceptional student services and supportive faculty.

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