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Environmental Engineering has assumed a high profile since the Department of Labor included it on its list of Fastest Growing Careers. "Employment of environmental engineers is expected to increase much faster than average," reports the DOL's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Graduates of Environmental Engineering degree programs will be in a position to take advantage of these career opportunities. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for entry-level environmental engineering positions. A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering offers a solid foundation in math and science, as well as specialized courses in air pollution, environmental risk assessment, wastewater treatment, safety practices, and environmental law and regulations.

Environmental Engineering degree programs qualify graduates for careers as environmental field engineers, engineering technicians, engineering managers, and environmental sales engineers. Depending on their training, engineers can specialize in areas such as air pollution control, industrial hygiene, toxic materials control, and land management.

Environmental engineers can expect rising salaries as demand for qualified professionals increases. The current median income of an environmental engineer is well over $66,480, the average salary in 2004. Salaries for sales engineers tend to be higher, while environmental engineering managers enjoy six-figure incomes.

Environmental issues such as global warming and industrial pollution are looming large, and federal agencies are stepping up regulations and raising air quality standards. These developments promise unparalleled job security for specialists with an environmental engineering degree, and empower trained environmental engineers to make an impact on environmental health.

Online Degrees in Environmental Engineering


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Environmental Engineering Degrees Offered:
  • Conservation

    Conservation careers are meaningful and worthwhile. But, if you want to dedicate your life to improving our environment, you’ll need professional level knowledge. As a graduate of this program, you could be ready to pursue a variety of conservation careers, such as forest ranger, environmental lobbyist, conservation educator, campground manager, museum specialist, nature park technician, and more.

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