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The Enterprise Management program provides training in the technical, managerial, and policy issues associated with an organization's Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) software.

Enterprise Management may be offered as a software application training program targeted to IT professionals, or as a specialized professional degree targeted to mid-career IT managers. Qualifications range from certificates to Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degrees.

Enterprise Management falls under the purview of Information Technology. In order to manage data and user access reliably, IT typically implements Enterprise Resource Management software. ERM software allows one system administrator to manage access to all platforms--UNIX, mainframe, Windows NT, etc. The software also offers a secure platform for managing a company's assets and resources, including basic applications such as general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, and manufacturing and inventory.

Enterprise Management programs range from basic technical training programs to advanced systems architecture programs. IT managers responsible for optimizing the structure of their company's data systems will find value in coursework such as Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Network Management. These specialized courses focus on developing corporate data models and implementing these models onto various computer architectures.

The Department of Labor predicts faster than average growth for qualified information systems managers. IT managers receive compensation commensurate with their crucial role. The median salary in 2004 was just under six figures: $92,570.

Secure information management is at the core of a business' technical administration. Opportunities should be strong for IT professionals with training in Enterprise Management.

Online Degrees in Enterprise Management

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Enterprise Management Degrees Offered:
  • MSIS: Enterprise Resource Management

    The Master of Science degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Enterprise Resource Management provides professionals with an opportunity to expand their skills as well as their career horizons. Courses cover topics including enterprise resource planning, enterprise resource technologies in business, and designing enterprise resource planning systems. Graduates are successful in upper level management positions as well as in pursuit of a Doctoral degree.

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