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Overview of Engineering Degrees

Are you interested in knowing how things work? Are you looking for a career that embraces science and mathematics? Earning a degree in engineering is an excellent opportunity to put your math and science skills to use and to embark on an exciting career. By definition, Engineers apply the theories and principles of science and mathematics to the economical solution of practical technical problems. The work of an engineer deals with the relationship of scientific discovery and its application to the world around us.

Online Engineering Degree Programs

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is ideal if you're socially aware. Civil engineers plan the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and water supply systems.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineers are needed to help expand new computer systems and to include new technologies and applications. Up to date skills are needed to keep with emerging technology.

Computer Game Programming

A Computer Game Programmer is basically a software engineer who develops computer of video games and related software and development tools.

Computer Networks

A Computer Network Degree will prepare you to manage computer systems. Majors in this are will learn the basics of networking in a variety of technological platforms.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering technicians help design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment such as communication equipment. They often work in product testing.

Electronics Engineering

Electronic Engineers work with the behavior and effects of electrons (as in electron tubes and transistors) and with electronic devices, systems, or equipment.

Engineering Management

Engineering Managers manage organizations with an orientation to manufacturing, engineering, technology or production. Students will learn critical skills needed to be successful in an engineering career.

Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management is an organizational development program where students will learn to improve individual and organizational performance with strategic planning and thinking.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers use principles of chemistry and biology to solve and to prevent environmental problems. Areas of work include water treatment, hazardous materials control, and air quality control.

Industrial Engineering

Those with a Degree in Industrial Engineering use the principles of science, engineering, and mathematics to solve technical problems manufacturing, sales, construction and maintenance.

Mechanical Engineering

Are you interested in designing and developing industrial machinery and consumer products? A Mechanical Engineering Degree can prepare you for a career in this discipline.

Software Engineering

Software Engineers create functional and technical designs for software development. They must have solid programming skills, and be familiar with data types, syntax and control structures.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineers enable the realization and deployment of successful systems. Engineers in this field interact with other engineers and work together to perform a desired function.

Recommended Engineering Schools

DeVry University

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Kaplan University

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Most Popular Engineering Schools

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  1. BS in Software Development
    30-08-2008 - Kaplan University
  2. MSIS: Software Engineer Management
    30-08-2008 - Strayer University Online
  3. Bachelor's - Network & Communications Mgmt.
    30-08-2008 - DeVry University
  4. Bachelor's (BSIT) - Software Systems Engineering
    30-08-2008 - Colorado Technical University Online
  5. M.S. in Computer Engineering
    30-08-2008 - Walden University
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