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Like Video Games? Who Doesn't?
Can you remember the first time you played Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat, or Diablo? Video games have a power over the imagination that few other forms of entertainment can provide, so it's no wonder we have such strong memories of interactive entertainment. But it takes more than gaming talent to work behind the scenes. Sure, you like video games. But how would you like to make them?

What's it Take?
Like most any other job in computer programming, a career as a video game programmer will require training. Thankfully, many degree programs in computer science offer courses and even specializations in computer game programming. In these courses, you will learn to utilize computer languages like C++, Java, Flash ActionScript, and proprietary engines like Torque and Dark Basic to produce Alpha, Beta, and final release versions of electronic entertainment software. Other components of your program will offer training in debugging and optimization skills and multi-threaded programming.

Real World Opportunities
Having completed your degree, you'll be ready to get in on the ground floor at companies all over the globe. Although many employers need applicants with experience, a bachelor's degree in computer science can serve to show prospective employers that you're serious about breaking into the business. As a programmer, you'll be joining a growing population of workers in a competitive industry. Never fear, though--high competition yields high reward. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average starting salary for computer programmers approached $51,000 in 2005. Imagine making that much while doing something that you love. Don't wait. Your degree in computer game programming is just a few clicks away!

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Online Degrees in Computer Game Programming

DeVry University

DeVry University Online is an online campus dedicated to providing students with a distance education environment that is conducive to working adults that wish to further their education but are too busy with a full-time job or family obligations to attend a traditional university. more

Computer Game Programming Degrees Offered:
  • Bachelor's - Game and Simulation Programming

    A Bachelor's degree in Game and Simulation Programming is the latest way for gamers to turn their skills into a marketable resource sought after by U.S. Armed Forces, police and pilot training facilities and more. Courses cover topics including game engine development, principles of visual design and coding languages. In only three years, graduates are prepared for a successful career in video game and simulation development and design.

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