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Could you be the next Bill Gates?
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in computer software engineering are expected to increase by 27% or more by 2014. The Internet explosion has created millions of new jobs for those looking to create new computer systems. Want to take advantage of this opportunity? If you're tech-savvy, with good problem-solving and analytical skills, consider a career in computer engineering.

First Things First: Your Computer Engineering Degree
Because of the increasingly complex nature of computer software applications, a job in computer engineering requires at least bachelor's degree. Many colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees in computer science, often with an emphasis in computer engineering. Your training will include introductory courses in problem solving, programming methods, and algorithm development. Other courses are mathematics-heavy, training students in propositional and predicate calculus and the use of Boolean algebra in computer systems. Other courses provide training in computer languages, including hypertext markup language (HTML), A+, C++, and others.

Your Future's Just Clicks Away
Having completed your degree, you'll have a firm foundation in computer engineering concepts, including system requirements and specifications, top-down design, hardware and language issues, testability, maintainability, portability, and modification. Although there are many startup and established software companies to choose from, with a computer engineering degree, you can find work in any industry, from civil engineering firms to publishing houses. So why not get started? Your future's just a few clicks away.  

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Online Degrees in Computer Engineering

Walden University

Walden University offers students a comprehensive Bachelor's or Master's degree program in an exclusive online environment. The online tools and resources available allow students to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of independent learning, structured class curriculums, and easy access to instructors. more

Computer Engineering Degrees Offered:
  • M.S. in Computer Engineering

    This program will prepare you to work in the dynamic field of digital technology through an engaging, online learning environment. The curriculum focuses on developing your knowledge and skills in the design and implementation of computers and computer systems and applying digital solutions to a broad range of engineering challenges.

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Grantham University

Grantham University offers students a competitive edge in pursuing higher education through a distinct and robust online education program along with a longstanding campus history. Their online program is ideal for working adults who are interested in enhancing their professional skills and knowledge but require a flexible program allowing them to work at their own pace. more

Computer Engineering Degrees Offered:
  • Computer Engineering Technology

    This degree program is designed to prepare students to design and develop electronic computer systems, including the associated software. The curriculum includes both electronics engineering technology and computer science courses. Computer science components include the study of database design, data communications, operating systems design, algorithm development, and applications of artificial intelligence. Electronics engineering technology components include electronics theory, circuit design, microprocessor design, and advanced topics in computer engineering.

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Earning a degree in engineering is an excellent opportunity to put your math and science skills to use and to embark on an exciting career. For more information on online engineering degrees, review our program listing and decide which path is right for you.

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