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With the shortage of qualified teachers across the country, many school districts have relaxed hiring requirements to attract graduates of teacher training programs, or people with bachelor's degrees who commit to attending to a teacher education program. Many education professionals are getting hire-on bonuses just to join districts hit hard by teacher retirements and growing student populations.

Aspirants can receive their teacher training at trade schools, private campus or online programs, colleges, and universities. Within the larger field, prospective teachers may choose among pre-school, elementary, middle, secondary, or special education specializations

Each state has its own set of hiring standards and licensing requirements, so it's important to contact the districts in communities where you hope to work as a teacher. Common among most state regulations are requirements for a completed undergraduate degree and additional education in a dedicated teacher training program.

Some districts have partnerships with colleges and universities that offer one-year teacher training programs that accelerate new teachers into the classroom. For example, a community in a state which allows accelerated training will put you in the classroom by issuing an emergency teaching credential. You can begin teaching and attend your training program concurrently.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that some 3.8 million teachers held preschool, elementary, middle, and secondary jobs in 2004. New opportunities will vary from "good to excellent" through 2014 based on each district's needs, with inner city and rural school districts looking to make the most new hires. Special education teachers will be among the most-coveted new professionals.

Online Degrees in Teacher Education

University of Phoenix

With more than 8,000 faculty and staff, University of Phoenix is the largest accredited private university. In its online incarnation, University of Phoenix has distilled its programs into accelerated course programs to help you get the most degree in the least amount of time without breaking your wallet. more

Teacher Education Degrees Offered:
  • Single Courses - Teacher Education

    Students may take any of the 3-credit teacher education courses regardless of whether or not it is a required course for their major.

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Strayer University Online

For more than 110 years, Strayer University has been offering students a chance to achieve their career goals by earning degrees in business, technology and education. Now, students can take advantage of Strayer's high quality education from anywhere in the world through Strayer University Online. more

Teacher Education Degrees Offered:
  • Master of Education: Educational Management

    The Master of Education degree with a concentration in Educational Management provides administrative professionals with an opportunity to expand their skills as well as their career options. Courses cover topics including grants management and proposal writing, educational administration and leadership, instructional supervision, and education and the law. Graduates are successful in upper-level administrative positions in education as well as in pursuit of a Doctorate in Education.

  • Master of Education: Technology in Education

    The Master of Education degree with a concentration in Technology in Education provides administrative professionals in education with a chance to expand their skills and their career options. Courses cover topics including designing, developing and evaluating educational technologies; integrating technology into education; and transforming education with new technologies. Graduates are successful in upper level administrative positions in education as well as in pursuit of a Doctorate in Education.

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The booming education and health sector offers many jobs that involve working with children. For more information on online education degrees, review our program listing and decide which path is right for you.

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