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Paraprofessionals are vital in the efficient operation of today's classrooms and help ensure that our young receive a high-quality education. The field of education paraprofessionals embraces the many thousands of classroom aides, library assistants, special education aides, and computer lab assistants who provide invaluable support to teachers and administrators.

Paraprofessional education training programs are sensitive to the many issues in contemporary American elementary, middle, and secondary schools. Therefore, certification or associate degree programs for paraprofessionals today include courses to help facilitate communications with parents of diverse economic, language, and racial backgrounds as well as laws governing the treatment of students.

Coursework in paraprofessional education can also include training in childhood and adolescent psychology, the teaching of reading and writing (especially to non-native English speakers), special education, working with students with learning disabilities, library science, math, and history.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that almost half of the 1.3 million teaching assistants in paraprofessional roles in 2004 worked in part-time positions. They are employed in public pre-schools, elementary schools, middle and secondary schools, religious or military private schools and child care centers.

Many people assume part-time jobs in paraprofessional education while they prepare for other careers as teachers or school administrators. The BLS predicts that paraprofessionals in education will be in great need at inner city schools and rural school districts where teachers are already carrying taxing workloads.

Schools in the American South and West will experience the greatest growth in student populations. Paraprofessionals who speak Spanish as well as English will be in especially great demand.

Online Degrees in Paraprofessional Education

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Paraprofessional Education Degrees Offered:
  • Associate of Arts in Paraprofessional Education

    This program provides students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to become effective paraprofessionals in an elementary school classroom or teachers in a Head Start or private program. It integrates theory with practice as it addresses major topics that impact teaching, such as the historical and philosophical contexts for contemporary educational approaches and issues, the nature of child development, and the professional and classroom tasks encountered in teaching.

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