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Online Education for Teachers Advance Your Career
by Mary Hobson

Career teachers require a combination of qualifications, experience and continuing education. In addition to a formal qualification, good teaching requires commitment to the ongoing acquisition of skills and learning. Further, promotion, career advancement, and salary are often linked to postgraduate qualifications, such as Continuing Education Credits or a master's degree in Education. However, for most teachers the demands of a full academic timetable leave little time and energy for professional development.

Teach Yourself

Many people see online study as an isolating experience but, in fact, successful online classes develop a sense of community, with email communication, shared lesson plans, discussion forums and real-time interaction in some situations. The variety of online programs is growing exponentially; giving a range of study that is the equivalent of courses available on-campus. An online format allows teachers to take advantage of uncommitted time in their schedules and gives access to courses that could not be attended physically because of geographical and teaching constraints. The right course can complement the ongoing teaching syllabus, giving an immediate boost to students.

Online Education Schools

If you're looking to fulfill credit requirements for your local district, University of Phoenix Online offers a convenient and flexible way. With their continuing education courses, teachers can complete three credits in three weeks, online. Teachers who are seeking administrative positions in education may want to put their credits toward a master's degree in education. University of Phoenix Online 's Master of Arts in Education ( MAEd) program allows students to complete a degree in as little as 2 years. Courses are structured so that attendees can gain credits for modules that give immediate benefit in the classroom.


Jones International University ® (JIU™) offers three new Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree specializations specifically designed for primary and secondary teachers, and administrators. These programs are intended for educational professionals who are interested in gaining innovative and relevant knowledge about effective curriculum design and teaching strategies, educational issues and trends, and leadership and policy issues. Additionally, JIU offers six specializations that are more tailored to higher education and corporate training professionals. All Jones International University courses are designed by leaders in the fields of education, communication, e-learning, instructional design, training, and business.


Another online school that offers degree programs in the field of education is Walden University. Whether the focus is on making public policy or improving one's skill set as a teacher or professor, an advanced degree in education is key. Walden University offers a Master of Science in Education with specializations in Elementary Reading & Literacy, Integrating Technology in the Classroom, and Educational Leadership, to name a few. Their Ph.D. in Education program allows specializations in areas such as Knowledge Management, Community College Leadership, and Educational Technology.

Study Requirements

Prospective student must have access to an up to date, though not necessarily state of the art, PC with Internet capability. A familiarity with the Internet and email will help, but is not a prerequisite. In fact, an increased awareness and knowledge of the broader implications of information technology will be a useful byproduct of completing an online program. Time is required for checking emails, studying course materials and completing assignments.

Benefits of an Online Education

An online qualification might be useful for the individual to progress their career, but it can have a positive result for more than the participant. His or her employer also benefits from the in-house expertise in web research and teaching techniques using online technologies, and access to the wider academic community. Teachers who seek a challenging and useful learning experience need look no further than a computer with Internet access for everything they need

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