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At the rate modern technology advances, we could all use a little help keeping up. Educators at all levels need computer teachers to usher students into the information age. With so many teachers expected to retire in the next decade, the need for qualified computer teachers will only increase. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of teachers from in elementary and secondary education is expected to increase by between as much as 17% between now and 2014. The teachers in highest demand will be those in specialty areas. An education degree with a specialized training in computer teaching can prove to prospective employers that you're just what they've been looking for.

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There's no getting around it--if you're going to teach others, especially in a high-tech field, you'll need a college degree. Many colleges and universities offer education degrees with a specialty in computers. Computer education degree programs will provide you with training in basic computer programming, graphics, computer ethics, web design, website development, and career guidance. Other courses provide training in teaching methods, learning psychology, and lesson planning. 

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Degree in hand, you'll be ready to start earning a good living at the school of your choice. Median annual earnings for teachers in secondary education ranged from $41,000 to $45,000, while some of the highest paid teachers earned as much as $71,000. So don't delay, earn your degree and start molding minds young and old. Enroll in a computer teacher degree program today.

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