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M.Ed. in K-12 Instructional Technology: Teacher Licensure

Course Title:M.Ed. in K-12 Instructional Technology: Teacher Licensure
Description:This degree is designed specifically for aspiring elementary and secondary teachers seeking certification in this growing field. The program combines the best practices in learning theory, literacy strategies, and assessment methods with the latest knowledge in interactive e-learning, web and multimedia authoring, and classroom technology integration. Additionally, the program aligns with ISTE and Colorado Department of Education standards and prepares students to become endorsed as instructional technology teachers.
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Category:Education, Curriculum & Instruction Programs
School:Jones International University
Accreditation:Higher Learning Commission; North Central Association
Degree Level:Master
Address:Jones International University
9697 East Mineral Avenue
Centennial, Colorado 80112
Phone: 303-784-8904
Toll Free: 800-811-5663
Fax: 303-799-0966

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