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Diploma in CIS: Networking

Course Title:Diploma in CIS: Networking
Description:The Diploma in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Networking provides students with the skills they need to break into a new career. Courses cover topics including computer information systems, computer programming design, relational database management systems, UNIX operating system, networking, administering desktop clients, network server administration, systems administration for SQL server, and security design in a network server environment. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in networking.
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Category:Engineering, Computer Networks Programs
School:Strayer University Online
Accreditation:Middle States Commission on Higher Education
Degree Level:Diploma
Cost:$1280 to $1730 per course
Address:Strayer University Online
1100 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 2500
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: 703-247-2500
Toll Free: 888-378-7293
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