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Careers In Wireless Networking
Wireless networking is re-shaping the way individuals and companies use computers today. Though security issues continue to plague the world of computing and wireless networks are particularly vulnerable to attack, wireless networking is becoming more and more commonplace. Jobs in wireless networking are perfect for those who have an affinity for computers and enjoy working with their hands. Job duties can include the set-up of computers for wireless networking as well as monitoring a network for security issues.

Wireless Networking Degree Programs
Training in wireless networking will cover the different types of technology currently in use today including wireless LAN, Wi-Fi, and fixed wireless data networks. Security is a huge concern in the computer industry today and every network, wired or not, is susceptible to viruses and subject to attack. A good training program in wireless networking should cover the security protocols commonly used for wireless networks, such as WEP and WPA. Typical coursework will cover designing and troubleshooting wireless networks, as creating both private and public networks.

Wireless Networking Jobs
A career in wireless networking could mean working for a corporation with its own internal networking department, or it could entail working for a professional contracting corporation that handles networking for a variety of clients. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts rapid job growth in the area of computer systems design and related services with a potential of nearly a half million new jobs by 2014. A degree or training in wireless networking will help you face the best possible job prospects, where pay can sometimes exceed six figures a year. If you think you might be right for a career in wireless networking look into available degree programs today!

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Online Degrees in Wireless Networking

Kaplan University

There are countless specialties of study available at Kaplan University. The major departments include: more

Wireless Networking Degrees Offered:
  • A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems/Wireless Networking

    You can focus on the configuration and installation of network services and applications. You may qualify for infrastructure design opportunities at companies, including design, problem solving, and troubleshooting. You will learn to use applications in wide-area usage, build security solutions for LANs, and interface between private and public networks.

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