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Jobs in UNIX Programming

It is widely held in the world of computers that the most glamorous jobs are in software programming. Even after the big money days of the late 1990's there are still lucrative careers to be had in programming. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor predicts that software programming will be one of the fastest growing occupations in the next several years. However, along with highly paid jobs in programming come long hours and the need for constant training.

UNIX Training

Employers need programmers with both a broad knowledge of computing and software as well as specific programming skills. A training program in UNIX programming can make an excellent companion to a computer science degree if you are trying to secure your dream job. UNIX is a flexible operating system allowing multiple platforms to communicate effectively. However, the system must generally be programmed for each specific installation. Typical coursework in a UNIX program might include:

  • UNIX system administration
  • UNIX network administration
  • Programming tools
  • UNIX Shell programming

Earnings Potential

With the right training and a degree you should face good job prospects. In May 2004 the Department of Labor reported median annual earnings of $79,740 for software engineers, however it is possible to earn more with time and experience. The minimum requirement for most programming jobs is a bachelor's degree. If you're interested in learning the UNIX programming language a training program can help you increase your value to potential employers.

Online Degrees in Unix Programming


The University of Massachusetts has been providing high quality educational opportunities for Massachusetts residents and for students and faculty from all over the world for more than 140 years. The University of Massachusetts President and Board of Trustees created UMassOnline in 2001 to meet the online educational needs of people locally, nationally, and internationally by offering accredited educational programs via interactive, Internet-based learning systems. more

Unix Programming Degrees Offered:
  • Certificate in UNIX

    More than 300,000 UNIX installations worldwide support over a million users. In comparison with other existing operating systems, UNIX offers more flexibility and a greater set of comprehensive services. Its powerful features permit many users to use one system, and the multitasking capacity allows users to perform several processes at the same time. Its support of open systems architecture, and its unique multitasking features, have made UNIX one of the most popular operating systems today. The UMass Lowell online Certificate Program in UNIX is designed for those currently in the computer industry who want to upgrade their skills, and for those with basic computer literacy who want to enter this fast-growing field. The program curriculum combines theory and practical applications. Courses in the UNIX certificate program may be used to satisfy requirements in the Information Technology and Data/Telecommunications Certificate Programs, as well as the Associates and Bachelors degrees in Information Technology. Sample a Course For more information on the Certificate in UNIX Program click here.

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