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A Career in Systems Management

The role of systems management is to facilitate the daily operations of all computer-related work in a given organization. End-user support, purchasing, security, and networking can all fall under the umbrella of systems management. Generally systems management professionals will be well versed in all aspects of the work delegated to subordinates. They also frequently oversee computer training for the company.

The Job Outlook and Earnings Potential

Jobs in systems management are expected to grow faster than average in the next few years, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Because daily business so heavily relies on the operation of computer systems and networks the demand for qualified persons in this field will only continue to grow. As technology evolves so evolves the role of systems management. Management careers can be quite lucrative. In May 2004 the Dept. of Labor reported top earnings for systems managers at $118,330. In larger companies it is possible to earn even more.

A Systems Management Degree

A good degree program in systems management will give you a strong foundation in computers, telecommunications, and application support. Typical coursework might cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of computer architecture
  • Networking basics
  • Database management
  • Security issues and risk analysis

Most employers will expect applicants for management positions to have a graduate degree. Certifications also play an important part in the training program for anyone in systems management. Getting your degree in systems management can help you get started in the career of your dreams.

Online Degrees in Systems Management

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Systems Management Degrees Offered:
  • MSIS: Decisions Support System Management

    The Master of Science degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Decisions Support Systems Management provides computer professionals with a chance to increase their skills and expand their career options. Courses cover topics including decision support management, decision support and intelligent systems, and data warehousing systems. Graduates are successful in upper level support systems management positions and in pursuit of a Doctoral degree.

  • MSIS: Systems Development Management

    The Master of Science degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Systems Development Management provides professionals with an opportunity to expand their options as well as their skills. Courses cover topics including enterprise technology process models, simulation and modeling, and enterprise planning architectures. Graduates are successful in upper-level management positions as well as in pursuit of a Doctoral degree in information systems.

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