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A Career in Information Security

The widespread growth of online business has brought the issues of security, both physical and digital, to the forefront of challenges facing today's computer professionals. Across all industries, from large to small organizations, the problems of security have multiplied with the use of the Internet and company intranets. Security professionals must also remember that the age-old threats to security haven't died. The job must balance both network security and human security.

Becoming a Security Specialist

The explosive growth of computer technology has created a growing demand for security professionals who understand the problems of both physical security and digital threats. Often this profession attracts individuals with a law enforcement background or a degree in criminal justice. A good security specialist degree program will cover threat assessment on both the human side as well as the network. You will learn the principles of risk analysis and how to mitigate those risks. In addition you will learn the basic foundations of both physical and information security.

Job Outlook and Earnings Potential

The outlook is quite rosy for those interested in a career as a security specialist. The U.S. Department of Labor anticipates 40% growth in both wages and jobs between now and 2014. In May 2004 the Department reported median annual earnings of $69,555 for computer systems analysts. Most employers will require that you have a bachelor's degree as a minimum requirement, however many in this field hold advanced degrees. Additional training or certification might also help your chances in getting the job you're looking for.

Online Degrees in Security Specialist


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Security Specialist Degrees Offered:
  • Security Specialist

    In this program, you’ll learn the step-by-step procedures and techniques that security specialists use in corporate offices, high-rise buildings, retail stores, government agencies, public institutions, cargo and transportation facilities, and private businesses across the U.S. You'll learn how to interface with law enforcement, assess risk, institute internal and external access controls, prepare for disasters, handle emergencies, and much more.

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Security Specialist Degrees Offered:
  • Graduate Certificate in Security Studies

    The Graduate Certificate in Security Studies is appropriate for students with a general interest in homeland security, professionals who are currently employed in security-related jobs, and for those interested in pursuing careers in security. This certificate program addresses the increasing global and local concern involving security issues. The program consists of three required courses plus one elective course that can be chosen from a list of courses in the student's particular area of interest. UMass Lowell's Criminal Justice Department has developed a graduate-level program designed to educate students in the complex nature of threats and how to manage them. Students can focus their studies in areas such as risk management and analysis; organizational and systems integration; legal and political policy and ethical issues in responding to threats; policy development and analysis; and the use of technology in implementing national security.

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