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Security and Loss Prevention

In today's digital business world information is the watchword of the day. Access to information, the secure transfer of information, and databases managing the storage of information are critical to the daily operations of many organizations. With so much of our vital information tied up in ones and zeros the matter of theft has become both simpler and more complex. Tremendously valuable data can be carried off on the smallest of media, or emailed. With the digital age the problems of security and loss prevention have multiplied exponentially.

What's Covered in a Degree Program

IT security professionals are often well paid, particularly in larger organizations. The price for a lucrative career is paid in long hours of studying, training, and reading. A typical degree program in security and loss prevention might cover subjects such as:

  • Foundations of loss prevention
  • Management tools
  • Technology
  • Technical and human prevention measures
  • Detection and response

Earnings Potential for Security Professionals

Employers expect to see at minimum a bachelor's degree, if not a graduate degree, as well as considerable experience from applicants for security positions. In this profession your credentials become particularly important, from your degree to any certifications you hold. The more extensive the training you've completed the better your chances will be in this field. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reported in 2005 that persons with a graduate degree but less than a year in experience were offered starting salaries averaging $52,300 a year.

Online Degrees in Security & Loss Prevention


What Professional Career Development Institute began by offering just one professional real estate appraisal course in 1987 has grown so large that it is now divided into two divisions: John Madison High School for high school programs and Ashworth College for all its higher and continuing education course offerings. More than 50 career programs are featured at PCDI including everything from jewelry repair to carpentry to sports psychology to writing children's books. more

Security & Loss Prevention Degrees Offered:
  • Security Management

    In this program, you’ll begin with courses in criminal justice, psychology and business communications. These are all important, career enhancement areas that overlap the security field. The curriculum continues with instruction in criminal law and procedure, policing, incident command systems, private security, aviation and cyber security and terrorism. You'll also learn important principles of management, criminal investigation, and much more.

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Norwich University

Norwich University is a military college that integrates a solid and respectable cadet training program into its educational system, as well as options for traditional students. more

Security & Loss Prevention Degrees Offered:
  • Master of Science in Information Assurance

    The Master of Science degree in Information Assurance provides future leaders in information assurance with an online course of study that suits their current schedule. The curriculum covers advanced concepts in information technology and information assurance challenges that exist outside the data center. Graduates leave with a thorough understanding of the business, governance and policy concepts that are the foundation for effective solutions to current and emerging security threats.

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