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Careers in Network Security

In the digital landscape of the Internet worms, viruses and Trojan horses keep network security professionals up at night. Threats to network security morph and mutate every day and the threat faced one day can return the next in another form. Employers cannot afford to lose control of their networks -- businesses lose money every second their network is down -- and the consequences of fraud are huge. For those interested in network security this is a boon. Demand is high for network professionals with security experience.

Degree Details

The minimum requirement for most positions in network security is a bachelor's degree. However, for senior positions in management a master's degree is usually required. A degree program in network security can help you get a foothold in the career of your dreams. A typical program will cover such subjects as:

  • Fundamentals in computing and networks
  • Standard network technology and protocols
  • Risk analysis
  • Tactics and methodologies of malicious network attacks

Earnings Potential

While the dot-com days might be over, demand is growing for network security professionals. An organization's day-to-day operations depend on the reliability of its computer networks and jobs for network managers are expected to grow faster than average in the coming years. Pay can range widely depending on both the company's size and your experience level. In May 2004 pay ranged from $71,650 to $118,330 according to the U.S. Department of Labor. With training and a degree in network security you will have much better chances at getting into this field.

Online Degrees in Network Security

Strayer University Online

For more than 110 years, Strayer University has been offering students a chance to achieve their career goals by earning degrees in business, technology and education. Now, students can take advantage of Strayer's high quality education from anywhere in the world through Strayer University Online. more

Network Security Degrees Offered:
  • Diploma in Network Security

    The Diploma in Network Security provides students with the skills they need to advance in their career or start a new one in computer information systems network security. The 18-month course of study covers topics including internet security, implementing Internet/Intranet firewalls, network defense and counter measures, disaster recovery, operating systems security, computer forensics and security strategy and policy. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in network security.

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What Professional Career Development Institute began by offering just one professional real estate appraisal course in 1987 has grown so large that it is now divided into two divisions: John Madison High School for high school programs and Ashworth College for all its higher and continuing education course offerings. More than 50 career programs are featured at PCDI including everything from jewelry repair to carpentry to sports psychology to writing children's books. more

Network Security Degrees Offered:
  • Computer Network Security

    This program introduces you to the techniques of installing and maintaining firewalls and intrusion detection systems. You’ll learn how to assess, analyze, and respond to threats facing computer networks. You’ll perform operating system hardening on network software to optimize security. At graduation, you should be qualified to make informed decisions for planning, coordinating and implementing security measures in a variety of network environments.

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ECPI College of Technology

Once you decide to become part of the expanding and exciting world of information technology or business, selecting the best college to meet your online education needs and goals is clearly one of your most important decisions. There are many features of the programs at ECPI College of Technology that are of benefit to online students: more

Network Security Degrees Offered:
  • Networking & Security Management

    This program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary for graduates to acquire entry-level employment as a network security specialist in a variety of settings. Through interactive, hands-on instruction, graduates are able to administer and manage networks, create and manage user/group accounts and configure network routers, assist in development and implementation of policies for disaster recovery and network security design, participate in software installations, network upgrades, and end-user training, and assist customers in day-to-day network operations and troubleshooting.

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