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A Career in Data Modeling

The computer systems design and related services industry is expected to be one of the fastest growing industries in the next several years, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. 453,000 new jobs are expected between 2004 and 2014. These jobs include outside analysts providing specialized help. Among them are jobs in data modeling. Organizations today need accurate and fast access to data in order to maintain their competitive edge. Effective database design and data modeling are very useful skills for a programmer to have.

Your Education

A degree program in data modeling will help prepare you for a career in database administration and software design. Typical coursework in a data modeling program might cover the following topics:

  • Database design
  • Search and analytical tools
  • Data definition
  • Technical architecture
  • Access and security
  • Database integration

This is an in-depth program taking you beyond the basics of computers and software applications. A program in data modeling can make an excellent companion to a computer science degree, or simply round out your resume and enhance your value to potential employers.

Job Outlook and Potential Earnings

The outlook for professionals in data modeling and computer consulting is quite good. Applicants generally hold a graduate degree and various certifications or additional training. In addition to your academic achievements, your experience will also play a part in your career. The Department of Labor reported annual salaries averaging $76,897 in May 2004 for professionals in this field. However, actual earnings can vary widely.

Online Degrees in Data Modeling

National American University

Though National American University has campuses across the Midwestern states, its online university offers the most versatility and flexibility for working professionals. Online courses allow 24-hour access to educational resources and course materials. Keep your job and continue to run your household and raise a family as you earn your degree to advance your career. more

Data Modeling Degrees Offered:
  • Health Care Management

    The Bachelor's degree in Health Care Management offers students a complete understanding of current healthcare management topics, operations and practices. Courses cover topics including analytical and problem-solving skills, communications, teamwork, ethics, culture and diversity, consumer relations, laws and policy. Graduates are successful in entry-level management positions in any healthcare setting.

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