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The technology industry is on a slow but steady rebound. The demand for qualified IT professionals has gone up over the last several, but many students have given up computer related majors in response to the Dot Com bust. Many industry professionals fear that there will be a crippling shortage of qualified personnel to fill tech jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, computer software engineers will be one of the fastest growing occupations over the next 7 years. To help meet this demand, students seeking a career in computers will need at least a bachelor's degree in computer software engineering.

Online Computer Science Degree Programs

Cisco Programming

Training as a Cisco Programmer will give you certification in Cisco networking systems. You can work in areas such as routing and switching, network security, or service provider.

Computer Programming

Earn your degree in Computer Programming. In this field you will learn the process of writing, testing, and maintaining the source code of computer programs.

Data Modeling

With training in Data Modeling, you will be able to design and manage the construction of databases and related software programs from conceptual models to physical data models.

Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology major can study Industrial Technology, Industrial Distribution, or Technology Education. This field of study designed to prepare professionals for employment in business, industry, education, and government.

Information Systems

Information Technology

Students who study Information Technology typically learn networking, communications, some computer programming, and systems development and analysis. IT professionals are exceptionally important in today's information economy.

Internet Engineering

Internet Engineering provides students a comprehensive background in software development, with a particular focus on software that is relevant to the Internet industry.

Internet Specialist

The Internet Specialist degree gives students a base in humanities or fine arts, social or behavioral sciences, and knowledge of computer terminology, program design, and computer networking.

Java Programming

Interested in a career in computer programming? Becoming a Java Programmer can give you specific training to work with this popular object-oriented programming language.

Network Management

Network Management is a career in managing computer networks. Human network managers learn to connect computers and their users to each other using tools, applications, and devices.

Network Security

Network Security specialists are in high demand to help keep computer networks safe. Theses specialist use their skills to keep banks, businesses and individuals safe from hackers.

Oracle Programming

Students wanting to study Oracle Programming first need to have basic computer literacy and an ability to successfully research the Internet using browsers.

Security & Loss Prevention

Learning about how loss prevention is carried out by companies is a component of the coursework that is covered in a security and loss prevention program.

Security Specialist

Systems Security program will prepare you for a network and Internet security career. Students learn information security strategies, how to install security software and monitor network traffic.

Systems Management

Systems Managers oversee the work of computer programmers, support specialists and systems analysts. This degree program provides skills to teach computer applications to others and design systems.

Telecom Management

Unix Programming

Unix Programming is systems programming that allow different parts of computer installations to work effectively together. This program requires an understanding of hardware and software.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is an event driven programming language and associated development environment from Microsoft. Get training in Visual Basic and prepare yourself for a programming career.

Web Development

Earning a degree in Web Development will give students practical experience creating web sites. You will learn skills in web design, e-commerce solutions and web tools.

Wireless Networking

Students in a Wireless Networking program learn to install and maintain computer and wireless networks, troubleshoot hardware and software issues, and manage databases.

Recommended Computer Science Schools

Colorado Technical University Online

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Kaplan University

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