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Cisco Programming

In today's business environment the role of computers has become essential to the successful day-to-day operations of companies in nearly every industry. One of the greatest challenges organizations have is ensuring their computer systems can communicate effectively. The growing importance of the Internet in daily business adds to these challenges. Employers generally rely on Cisco programming professionals with the right training to maintain their computer networks.

Training and Requirements

Employers cannot afford to have their computer networks go down. Every minute with a network not functioning as needed costs an incredible amount of money. Consequently the jobs are well paid, the competition high, and the degree of training required is extensive. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement. However, most employers will be looking for persons who have also taken training and certification programs in specialized fields in computing. When it comes to the world of networking, Cisco has long been the industry standard. A Cisco training program and certification can help you secure the best possible job.

Earnings Potential

In 2005 the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported that starting offers for individuals with a bachelor's degree averaged $50,820. In May 2004 the U.S. Department of Labor reported the highest ten percent of those employed in computer systems as taking home over $99,000 a year. Earnings can be even higher in larger corporations for those with extensive training and experience. Training in Cisco programming can help you start on the right foot to the career you've been looking for in computer systems management.

Online Degrees in Cisco Programming

Indiana Business College

Indiana Business College offers 18-month Associate degrees and 12-month diplomas in a variety of programs of study. Each program offers in-depth training and professional mentoring with an emphasis on small classes and individualized attention for each student. more

Cisco Programming Degrees Offered:
  • Cisco Network Associate

    This program gives students a strong foundation of business and technology skills that apply to modern offices. It combines basic business concepts, interpersonal communication, customer service skills, and standard applications training with technical skills in the area of operating systems and Cisco infrastructure. The curriculum prepares students with the skills necessary to start their career in the telecommunications field as cable installers or staff in a network operations center environment. The program utilizes the internationally recognized Cisco Networking Academy curricula.

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