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When you need a new razor attachment, computer part, battery, or screw, you can go to the store and find replacements that will fit your models exactly as they should. But it wasn't always like that. At the dawn of the industrial revolution, manufacturing carbon copies was more of an art than a science. Imperfections, irregularities, and mistakes happened with unbelievable frequency. It wasn't until Six Sigma technology came along that manufacturers could guarantee near perfect perfection. And as processors, parts, and products have become even smaller and more sophisticated, demand for those with Six Sigma training has only become more pronounced. Global consumption has reached unprecedented heights, and thus, manufacturers must work overtime in order to supply the world with gadgets and products on a regular basis.

Six Sigma Training

Given the specialized nature of precision manufacturing, it should be no surprise that most employers will expect a Six Sigma degree at the associates level or higher. Mathematics, engineering, physics, manufacturing, information technology, safety, and computer science are just a few of the areas that will comprise your extensive Six Sigma program. And although biotechnology and nanotechnology are still relatively new industries, don't be surprised if you're Six Sigma program incorporates different aspects of chemistry or biology into your curriculum.

Career Outlook after a Six Sigma Program

Although global demand for those with Six Sigma training should be relatively stable in the coming years, the US Department of Labor points out that many jobs will be outsourced to foreign competitors. This makes the need for Six Sigma training even more acute, since competition for domestic positions will increase substantially. If you have an opportunity to secure a masters degree instead of an associates degree, it is strongly recommended that you take it.

Online Degrees in Six Sigma

Kaplan University

There are countless specialties of study available at Kaplan University. The major departments include: more

Six Sigma Degrees Offered:
  • Six Sigma Certificate

    Impact a company’s success by maximizing the performance of its business management processes. Apply the Six Sigma levels of quality methodology to effect breakthrough improvements in productivity, reliability, and profitability of goods and services. Increase levels of customer satisfaction and help raise employee morale. Enjoy high-growth career opportunities in a broad range of industries such as manufacturing, information technology, marketing, media, and much more.

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Grand Canyon University

Whether you would like to supplement your on-campus curriculum with a few online courses or are interested in pursuing your entire degree online, Grand Canyon University Online has a variety of classes to choose from. more

Six Sigma Degrees Offered:
  • MBA with Emphasis in Six Sigma

    The Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Six Sigma combines the broad-based, general management curriculum of the MBA program with specialized study in Six Sigma theory, methodology, and project management skills. Courses cover human resources, accounting and finance, quantitative analysis, international business relations, strategic thinking, business planning and more. Graduates are successful in upper level management positions across industries.

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