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In the world of corporate finance, particularly in sales and marketing, expenditures are closely scrutinized to assure that the company sees a return on investment. This way companies tighten their efforts to maximize profits. For those interested in a career in the corporate business world, finance, or marketing a degree in ROI Methodology can give you the skills and training needed to rise to the top.

A Degree in ROI Methodology

No matter the company and regardless of industry, the goal of any corporation or business is to sell its products or services profitably. This requires a wide range of skills and talents for success to be met. In smaller organizations individuals may play many roles and their knowledge of business must be broad and complete. In larger companies it is possible to have more specialized training, as teamwork becomes increasingly important. Those who have attended an ROI degree program can help identify the most profitable and successful programs and duplicate those successes.

Earnings Potential and Job Outlook

Advertising and marketing, one of the most profitable careers in which to apply ROI methodology training, are highly desirable and attract many graduates every year. Job growth is expected to grow faster than average, but competition for these jobs might be tough. Having a degree, plus experience, will help you secure the best possible opportunities. Earnings can vary widely, but field is quite lucrative. In May 2004 median annual earnings for marketing managers were $87,640, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Online Degrees in ROI Methodology

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