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A company's image can often be more important than the products and services that it provides. This is why businesses all over world invest a tremendous amount of resources into public relations, good will advertising, and image overhauls. But ironically, even though Internet technology and advanced communications have made it easier for companies to promote their images, it is becoming more difficult for companies to attain universal appeal due to diverse consumer demands, cultural differences, and individual preferences. Thus, those with public relations training have become an even greater asset in today's global economy.

What Will You Learn in a Public Relations Degree Program?

Admittedly, there are many different paths to public relations, but the most direct route involves securing a bachelors degree in public relations (or a related field), and then securing an internship in the industry. Theory married with experience seems to be the best formula for a public relations career. Through your training, you will cover areas such as psychology, business administration, information technology, consumer demand, marketing, advertising, financial forecasting, risk assessment, and graphic design.

Career Outlook with a Public Relations Degree

After completing sufficient training in a public relations program, your career prospects should be favorable, according to the US Department of Labor. However, it is important to understand that keen competition exists for many entry-level jobs, and thus, your ability to perform well while in school will certainly improve your employment prospects. With degree in hand, you can expect to make a median salary of approximately $43,000 a year, though it's not uncommon for a public relations specialist to earn $80,000 or more in today's competitive global economy.

Online Degrees in Public Relations

University of Phoenix

With more than 8,000 faculty and staff, University of Phoenix is the largest accredited private university. In its online incarnation, University of Phoenix has distilled its programs into accelerated course programs to help you get the most degree in the least amount of time without breaking your wallet. more

Public Relations Degrees Offered:
  • Single Courses - Electives

    Students may take any of the 3-credit general studies courses regardless of whether or not it is a required course for their major. Subjects include Communications, Economics, English, General Education, Geography, History, Humanities, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Science, and Sociology.

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Baker College Online

Since 1996, Baker College Online has made the goal of earning a degree attainable to students from virtually any location. With an online classroom that is available seven days per week, 24 hours a day, earning a degree couldn't be more convenient. In addition, Baker College is the largest private college in the state of Michigan. A wide variety of business and technology programs are available to prospective students. more

Public Relations Degrees Offered:
  • MBA - Marketing

    The Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing has been designed for business professionals currently employed in the fields of marketing, advertising, or public relations. In addition to its core business courses, the MBA Marketing curriculum trains students to learn the functions of marketing managers as well as how to handle issues specific to the field of marketing.

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