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Strong leadership and management are crucial ingredients for success in the modern business world. There are countless companies that had all the resources, employees, and creativity to beat out competitors, but because they lacked organizational leadership, they failed to reach their potential and generate long-lasting results. If you feel you have a knack for resolving disputes, defining goals, meeting deadlines, and inspiring others, you might consider supplementing your skills with an organizational leadership degree. If you currently lack these qualities, you're still in luck, because leadership is a skill that you can master through careful training and formal education.

Organizational Leadership Training

The tools necessary for effective business leadership have changed considerably in the last several years, thanks to major advances in telecommunications and information technology. So while a typical organizational leadership program might stress conventional business fundamentals, it must also expose you to areas that have recently proven crucial for success in today's global economy. E-commerce, networking, computer programming, and HTML have joined more traditional areas such as marketing, public relations, conflict resolution, and risk management. With all of these skills under your belt, you can help companies clearly define goals, stay on task, and provide quality services and products that meet diverse consumer demands.

Career Outlook after an Organizational Leadership Program

With an organizational leadership degree, there are numerous jobs and industries in which you can apply your skills and expertise. You can pursue executive, managerial, and supervisory positions in companies ranging from education to biomedical engineering to manufacturing. Genuine leadership is a commodity that always enjoys high demand, whether the economy is strong or weak. By securing organizational leadership training, you can make yourself an invaluable asset for many years to come.

Online Degrees in Organizational Management

Ashford University

For almost 100 years, Ashford University has been providing the residents of Clinton, Iowa with the training they need to earn their bachelors or masters degrees in a variety of specialties. Over time, Ashford has grown and now has the capability to offer students around the world access to three Bachelors programs and two Masters programs online. more

Organizational Management Degrees Offered:
  • Organizational Management - Business Administration

    Earning a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Business Administration offers students the opportunity to get an edge on other entry-level applicants in the business world. The unique combination of courses in communications, strategy, human resources and business dynamics with specialty courses in administration prepares graduates to handle the internal affairs of corporations and nonprofit organizations.

  • Organizational Management - Business

    Future business professionals who enroll in a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Business will acquire knowledge in leadership, teamwork and motivational skills as well as organizational skill development in communications, group behavior, decision making, human resource management and ethics. This combination of business and management skills prepares students for management level positions in businesses large and small.

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Indiana Business College

Indiana Business College offers 18-month Associate degrees and 12-month diplomas in a variety of programs of study. Each program offers in-depth training and professional mentoring with an emphasis on small classes and individualized attention for each student. more

Organizational Management Degrees Offered:
  • Organizational Management

    The future of many organizations depends on their ability to harness the power of technology, and good organizational managers are in high demand. Students will learn the sound business principles and computer skills essential for success in today's high-speed, high-tech marketplace. Topics include project integration, human and material resource allocation, risk analysis, cost engineering, procurement management, information technology topics, and e-business.

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