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Although the professional world is largely divided between profit and nonprofit, from an organizational standpoint, one needs the same skills to run either. After all, a nonprofit organization must efficiently allocate resources, monitor funds, coordinate with other agencies, and provide quality services or products (usually in the form of public goods). However, there are some additional areas one needs to cover in order to work in the nonprofit sector, which is why management training is often required for upper-level positions.

Nonprofit Management Training

As you work towards your nonprofit management degree, you might be surprised to discover that business administration, accounting, public relations, critical writing, and research are actually more important than they would be in the private sector, due to the fact that nonprofit organizations often work with substantially less funding. As such, your business acumen, organizational skills, and management expertise take on greater importance. But in addition to all of these areas, a nonprofit management program will also stress fundraising, legislation, and policymaking, since these three areas are crucial components of almost any nonprofit organization. Your training must teach you how to mobilize public and governmental support all year round. Few business schools can provide you with this type of exposure.

Career Outlook with a Nonprofit Management Degree

Job opportunities will be plentiful in the nonprofit sector due to high turnover rates and increased public awareness. However, those looking for lucrative salaries might want to explore other options since nonprofit organizations tend not to pay very well. Those who work in nonprofit management usually do so out of passion or some burning desire to improve the world. Some programs actually depend almost entirely on volunteers, so make sure you carefully research your career options before selecting a nonprofit management program to pursue.

Online Degrees in Non-profit Management

University of Phoenix

With more than 8,000 faculty and staff, University of Phoenix is the largest accredited private university. In its online incarnation, University of Phoenix has distilled its programs into accelerated course programs to help you get the most degree in the least amount of time without breaking your wallet. more

Non-profit Management Degrees Offered:
  • MBA/Accounting

    This program concentrates on managing human and fiscal resources within the structure, culture, and mission of any organization. The curriculum addresses advanced costing techniques, accounting theory, accounting information systems, issues in corporate taxation, executive management, budgeting, human resources management, organizational development, conflict management, strategic planning, information management, and decision making, among other subjects.

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Ashford University

For almost 100 years, Ashford University has been providing the residents of Clinton, Iowa with the training they need to earn their bachelors or masters degrees in a variety of specialties. Over time, Ashford has grown and now has the capability to offer students around the world access to three Bachelors programs and two Masters programs online. more

Non-profit Management Degrees Offered:
  • Organizational Management - Accounting

    A Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Accounting provides students with the skills needed to successfully navigate the field of financial management. The curriculum combines accounting specific courses with general education and management courses to create graduates with a solid skill set in both accounting and management.

  • Organizational Management - Communications

    Graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Communications will understand the various types of communication and their applicability to business situations both internal to the organization and business-to-business. In addition to communications courses and general education, the curriculum covers foundational business concepts including business models, negotiations, human resources, and organizational techniques.

  • Organizational Management - Child Study

    A Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Child Study provides students with a thorough knowledge of child development and human cognitive development as well as organizational skills including communications, business strategy, human resource management and ethics. Graduates are qualified for management positions in preschools, child-focused businesses and child-wellness organizations.

  • Organizational Management - Fashion Merchandising

    Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising prepares students for management positions in fashion houses, clothing departments, and boutiques. The curriculum combines fashion merchandising courses with classes in management. Courses cover topics that include consumer trends, business strategy, customer service and human relations as well as issues current in the field of fashion.

  • Organizational Management - Hospitality Management

    A Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Hospitality Management grants students the skills necessary to successfully run a hotel at any level of management. The curriculum combines courses in topics specific to the demands of the hospitality industry with classes that layout the demands of management professionals in businesses and organizations. Topics covered include customer relations, human resources, strategic decision-making and more.

  • Organizational Management - Marketing

    A Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Marketing provides students with a fundamental understanding of marketing principles as well as concepts in management. With a combination of courses in marketing, communications, human resources, ethics and strategy, graduates will be well-qualified to handle management positions in marketing departments in businesses both large and small.

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