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A Higher Calling
Do you find yourself drawn to a higher purpose while your peers pursue degrees in business administration or natural science? You already know how fulfilling a personal relationship with Christ can be. Put it to good use with a degree in Christian studies, and set off on a path in service of humanity.

Courses in the Divine
Depending on the Christian faith that most inspires you, programs toward your degree will provide you with training in the beliefs and practices specific to that faith. If you're interested in entering the ministry, your training will include courses in scripture, theology, ancient languages, church history, and ethics. Other specialty training will show you how to perform the various spiritual duties associated with your faith, such as taking confession, giving communion, and performing baptisms, marriages, and last rites.

You can also take courses in comparative theology, which give a broad overview of similarities and differences in major denominations and religions. Other courses towards your degree provide postsecondary training in the liberal arts, and can prepare you for numerous other careers with a firm foundation in faith.

Earthly Prospects
In today's world, you can find ministers of all faiths on staff at hospitals, private schools, counseling centers, and non-profit organizations. While salaries vary widely depending on the institution you choose to serve, most ministers pull in earnings close to those of teachers and social workers. On average, this translates to annual earnings of between $30,000 and $40,000. Of course, you're not in it for the money--you answer to a higher power. Heed the call today; pursue a degree in Christian studies.

Online Degrees in Christian Studies

Grand Canyon University

Whether you would like to supplement your on-campus curriculum with a few online courses or are interested in pursuing your entire degree online, Grand Canyon University Online has a variety of classes to choose from. more

Christian Studies Degrees Offered:
  • BA Christian Studies Applied Ministry Emphasis: Pastoral

    The Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Studies Applied Ministry with an emphasis in Pastoral studies is based on biblical studies and explores theology and Christian history. The Pastoral emphasis provides students with the ability to design, develop, and implement change within an existing ministry. Graduates possess the leadership and organizational skills for successful ministry development and communicate biblical messages utilizing effective techniques, styles and tools.

  • MBA & MS in Nursing: Leadership in Health Care Systems

    The Master of Business Administration degree and the Master of Science in Nursing degree with a focus on Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems is a dual-degree program. It is designed to allow students the opportunity to develop cross functional business management skills while learning leadership theory and its application. Graduates are competent in advanced management and executive positions.

  • MBA Health Systems Management Emphasis

    The Master of Business Administration degree with a Health Systems Management emphasis combines the broad-based curriculum of the Master of Business Administration program with specialized study in issues relevant to health systems management. Courses cover topics including communications, accounting, strategic planning, and human resources. Graduates are prepared for positions in advanced management and senior administration in the health care industry.

  • MBA with Emphasis in Accounting

    The Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Accounting combines the broad, general management curriculum of the Business Administration program with specialized study in accounting. Courses cover computer applications in accounting as well as current issues affecting today's accounting professionals. Graduates are successful in advanced management positions in corporate finance and investment banking in any organization.

  • BA Christian Studies Biblical/Theological Studies Emphasis

    The Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Biblical/Theological Studies has a foundation in Biblical studies with a focus on theology, philosophy, and Christian history. In addition to spiritual formation and exegetical skills essential to Christian studies, graduates will be able to employ communication, leadership, and organizational skills necessary for effective ministry.

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