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With a fashion merchandising degree, you can be on the cutting edge of one of the most exciting industries in the world. Your training will teach you how to manufacture, buy, sell, and market fashion designs, textiles, clothing, cosmetics, and even furniture. You'll navigate between the creative and business worlds of the larger fashion industry, making sure that deals are made, contracts are secured, and clothing lines are promoted. But because fashion is so incredibly competitive, receiving sufficient training from an accredited fashion merchandising program is absolutely necessary.

What Your Fashion Merchandising Training Will Teach You

Through your fashion merchandising program, you'll not only learn the creative aspects of fashion design, but you will also develop business acumen, marketing expertise, and distribution know how. Without proper merchandising, wholesale, retail, and manufacturing support, even the most creative fashion designs would never make it from the runway to the department stores. Your fashion merchandising degree will provide you with all the skills necessary to help with this complicated transition.

Career Outlook with a Fashion Merchandising Degree

Fashion is no longer a localized entity that affects domestic markets. Instead, global demand from diverse consumers drives the current fashion industry. As a purchasing manager, you can make a median salary of approximately $72,000 a year. As a fashion designer, it's possible to make well into six figures if you have sufficient training and expertise. With a fashion merchandising degree you'll have numerous opportunities to capitalize on the myriad opportunities available throughout the world.

Online Degrees in Fashion Merchandising


What Professional Career Development Institute began by offering just one professional real estate appraisal course in 1987 has grown so large that it is now divided into two divisions: John Madison High School for high school programs and Ashworth College for all its higher and continuing education course offerings. More than 50 career programs are featured at PCDI including everything from jewelry repair to carpentry to sports psychology to writing children's books. more

Fashion Merchandising Degrees Offered:
  • Fashion Merchandising

    Have you ever wondered why certain clothes show up in fashion advertising and still others never sell? Would you like to be able to plan and produce a successful fashion show? Do you want to know how consumer fashion trends are set? If so, this program may be right for you. It offers both an online and print study option, and there are no prerequisites to enroll.

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Westwood College Online

Westwood College Online offers 17 degree programs, ranging from Business Administration to Game Art and Design. Their curriculum provides hands-on projects, incorporating some of the latest skills and technologies which you'll learn during your coursework. more

Fashion Merchandising Degrees Offered:
  • Fashion Merchandising

    Students in this program build a strong foundation of marketing, consumer behavior, retail management, and business technology, giving them an edge on today's business trends. Students also take fashion courses such as Trend Forecasting, Fashion Product Development, and Portfolio Review. To make their education complete students, in this program take courses like Art History, Communication, Public Speaking, and Critical Thinking.

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