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The Job of Crisis Management

In the world of business, especially in larger companies, there is a need for individuals with the experience and training to take over leadership in emergency situations. Some of these people have come to the private sector from law enforcement or public safety and others simply have experience with crisis management. In the sometimes chaotic and often busy environment of today's corporate offices it is important to have someone who can take over when things go wrong.

The Right Skills, The Right Training

A training program in crisis management or disaster preparedness is going to prepare the student for both the leadership skills needed in an emergency situation and the planning needed to assure preparation for all manner of emergencies. Typical coursework might cover occupational health and safety, risk analysis, and preparedness planning. Training is critical for those who wish to hold positions of leadership. A degree program can help prepare you with the planning skills you'll need, as well as the drills necessary to develop confidence in an emergency.

A Leadership Position

Typically this position will at least be manager-level, if not an executive position. Employers will be looking for applicants with both experience and training. A bachelor's degree will be a minimum requirement and some companies may require either a master's degree or extensive experience for senior positions. Earnings can vary widely for managers or executives. A Chief Security Officer will generally be paid commensurate with experience. Salaries could range anywhere from $52,420 to salaries approaching six figures for top positions in larger companies.

Online Degrees in Crisis Management

Grand Canyon University

Whether you would like to supplement your on-campus curriculum with a few online courses or are interested in pursuing your entire degree online, Grand Canyon University Online has a variety of classes to choose from. more

Crisis Management Degrees Offered:
  • MS in Leadership - Disaster Preparedness & Crisis Mgmt

    The Master of Science degree in Leadership with an emphasis in Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management provides the skills necessary to handle management decisions in the field of disaster preparedness and emergency crises. Courses cover occupational health and safety, disaster preparation and crisis management, and environmental issues directly related to leadership skills development. Graduates are successful leaders in the industry of emergency public safety and response.

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