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Business Degrees: Hot for the future
By Lena Chou

Business is the driving force behind the activities of the world. The exchange of ideas, capital, and energies is one of the basic motivating factors behind why most of us get up in the mornings.

Getting a business degree is a definite step in the right direction if you want to use your education in a sustainable fashion toward the many areas of business.

Working toward your business degree gives you the educational foundation and practical experience you need to land the job of your choice. If you are still looking for your undergraduate degree in business, there are many concentrations you can choose from under a business degree program. You can major in business administration, management, and marketing. For the graduate level, many people pursue their master's in business administration or MBA degree.

The business advantage

If you are looking for a business management job, you will definitely need a bachelors degree to even qualify. A degree in business, with concentrations in areas such as: administration, management, or marketing, provide you with the base for a wide variety of positions in business. With this hot degree, you show that you have developed the skills and critical knowledge needed for diverse areas of business, and learn the fundamental and functional areas of business.

You can expect to acquire the organizational, communication, and critical thinking skills necessary for anyone accepting management responsibilities. Many business degree programs require you to intern at established businesses, so in a lot instances, recent graduates will already have some experience in the field. Employers are aware of this and take note of internships and other relevant coursework you have taken.

Applying what you've learned

Your ability to apply these business principles add to your competitive edge. And as the global economy changes, you too will be able to use your business savvy and cultural know-how on a larger market, the global market.

A business degree gives you basic and dynamic tools to remain adaptable in slow and fast times. Your opportunities for career advancement, salary increase, and personal freedom become a distinct reality with a balanced act of using your educational training and practical experience in the real-world. Although the economy appears to be in a constant flux and the gains of earning this degree may not be immediately apparent during some economy slow downs, you still have a hot commodity in your hands.

All in all, earning a business degree is a smart educational expenditure. If you are already a working professional but want to open up more options for yourself, consider the many options in pursuing the career of your choice. Many colleges offer online business courses and evening classes. Full-time and part-time status is another choice you can make when deciding on this degree. Educate your way to career advancement with a business degree.

About the Author

A freelance writer, Lena Chou works as a counselor at a non-profit youth agency in San Francisco . She received her Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies from the University of California , Santa Cruz . She is now looking to enter Teacher's College of Columbia University to receive her M.A. in Social Studies Education in the Fall of 2004.

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