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There is no single individual, organization, or business that hasn't come across some type of set back, misunderstanding, or disagreement at one time or another. But whereas conflicts are common to all, the way that we handle these conflicts is radically different from place to place and person to person. In the business world, those who learn to develop creative solutions to sophisticated conflicts are the ones who achieved long-lasting access. This is why employers heavily recruit those with conflict management training to help their companies overcome those intermittent obstacles that are bound to come up when conducting business with others.

Conflict Management Training

Given the sensitive nature of conflict management, most employers prefer to hire those with at least bachelors training or higher. During your four or more years in a conflict management program, you'll explore areas such as psychology, interpersonal communication, risk management, crisis management, various aspects of social work, business administration, leadership, and of course, conflict management. Regardless of what industry you plan to pursue, the core teachings will remain the same. You'll master all the skills necessary to correctly identify problems, isolate solutions, and implement workarounds effectively, whether these problems are of a technical, personal, or administrative nature.

Career Outlook after a Conflict Management Program

With a conflict management degree, there is no limit to the number and diversity of professional settings in which you can work. It is in our nature to disagree from time to time, but even if we didn't, problems would still arise because technology is far from perfect and things breakdown. The most efficient economies and businesses are the ones that actively work towards this "unachievable" perfection. With a conflict management degree, you can help lead others to understanding, resolution, and business success. Whether you plan to work in education, medicine, business, entertainment, law, politics, or diplomacy, demand for your particular skill set should always be relatively high.

Online Degrees in Conflict Management

Jones International University

Since it became the first fully online university to be accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Jones University has allowed thousands of working professionals to acquire their degree. The classes at Jones University are project-based just like day to day life in the workplace. This enables a more hands-on simulative approach to learning. more

Conflict Management Degrees Offered:
  • MBA in Negotiation and Conflict Management

    This degree specialization will appeal to general managers, senior executives and directors who are responsible for the negotiation and implementation of new business deals. In this program, students will study the latest research on chaos theory and learn how it can aid in strategic planning, learn attendant issues of accounting, finance, ethics, and organizational management that are the foundation of leadership, and establish a standard conflict management procedure appropriate to the organization.

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University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is a Catholic academic community for higher learning, offering a wide range of programs and certificates for students of all backgrounds. All students take part in a formal first Year of Studies program that offers a balanced curriculum to gauge their strengths, needs, and field of interest. After that, a formal application to a specific school or college is required. The College of Arts and Letters, Law School, and Mendoza College of Business are a few choices at this diverse campus. more

Conflict Management Degrees Offered:
  • Strategies for Conflict Mgt

    This is the third eight-week course that is required of students hoping to earn their executive negotiation certificate. Completion of this course and the two prerequisite courses will earn the student an executive negotiation certificate. This program is the final building block for the executive certificate program, offering students an advanced education in negotiation. Students must complete both the negotiation essentials program and advanced negotiations program prior to beginning this course.

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